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1997 Purchasing Today Article Index
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A valuable reference tool, the Article Index is a comprehensive list of articles that have appeared in Inside Supply Management® (formerly Purchasing Today® and NAPM Insights®) magazine. Articles are organized by subject for easy locating and study.

  • Banking on Purchasing Members Only Content
    Jennifer Richolsoph, June, Vol. 8, No. 6, p. 50.

    Banking-industry purchasers, like those in most industries, are doing more with less.

  • CAPS Fundraising Goals Met Members Only Content
    Rick Boyle, Ph.D., January, Vol. 8, No. 1, p. 52.

    Funding for the Fearon Chair has been completed well ahead of schedule. The Center for Advanced Purchasing Studies, a program jointly sponsored by Arizona State University and NAPM, is pleased to announce that it has reached the $1 million goal for funding the Harold E. Fearon Chair of Purchasing in the Arizona State University College of Business. The goal has been reached well ahead of the December 31, 1997, deadline set by the state of Arizona when the Fearon Chair was first established.

  • Finding the Right Yardstick Members Only Content
    Carol L. Ketchum, May, Vol. 8, No. 5, p. 58.

    Different audiences require purchasers to use different performance measures.

  • Getting Executive Attention Members Only Content
    Larry Smeltzer, Ph.D., February, Vol. 8, No. 2, p. 58.

    How can purchasing influence corporate strategic planning?

  • International Research Project Announced Members Only Content
    Thomas E. Hendrick, Ph.D. and Maureen Graff, March, Vol. 8, No. 3, p. 52.

    A study by professors from seven countries, to be released this spring, will cover numerous purchasing-related topics.

  • Looking to the Future Members Only Content
    Thomas E. Hendrick, Ph.D. and Maureen Graff, August, Vol. 8, No. 8, p. 54.

    During two Roundtable events, senior executives helped set research priorities and indicated their expectations for the future of the purchasing arena.

  • Praxis Makes Perfect Members Only Content
    Karen Spitler, October, Vol. 8, No. 10, p. 52.

    PRAXIS is a Greek word that means "Practice, experience or exercise, or practicing of an art, science, or skill."

  • Purchasing Consortiums: An Old Idea Gets New Life Members Only Content
    Rick Boyle, Ph.D., December, Vol. 8, No. 12, p. 42.

    CAPS set out to discover what works and why in purchasing consortiums.

  • Roundtable Participants Set Research Priorities Members Only Content
    Thomas E. Hendrick, Ph.D. and Maureen Graff, November, Vol. 8, No. 11, p. 52.

    Sharing strategies is a main focus of CAPS Roundtables.

  • Sharing Strategies Members Only Content
    Thomas E. Hendrick, Ph.D. and Maureen Graff, September, Vol. 8, No. 9, p. 52.

    How do other purchasing departments use cross-functional teams or supply chain management?