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2004 Inside Supply Management Article Index
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A valuable reference tool, the Article Index is a comprehensive list of articles that have appeared in Inside Supply Management® (formerly Purchasing Today® and NAPM Insights®) magazine. Articles are organized by subject for easy locating and study.

  • Changes in Purchasing Procedures at Midwest College Members Only Content
    Andre K. Morrow, July, Vol. 15, No. 7, p. 9. (Exam Alert: )

    Efforts are needed at Midwest College to streamline costs and procedures for procuring, inventorying and reporting office supplies.

  • Creating a Leakproof Pipe Without Leaking Profits Members Only Content
    Troy Blanchette, February, Vol. 15, No. 2, p. 10.

    "Stick to your knitting" when it comes to choosing projects that are best in line with internal capabilities.

  • Demand Forecasting at Upscale Electronics Members Only Content
    Odalo Anetor, June, Vol. 15, No. 6, p. 14.

    The ability of the suppliers to deliver the completed products as and when needed should be the primary focus for Upscale.

  • Leveraging Improvements at Metropolitan University Members Only Content
    Aaron D. Howell, C.P.M., CPPO, April, Vol. 15, No. 4, p. 12.

    Effectively balancing procurement controls must become a reality in order for customers to leverage benefits.

  • Managing a Relationship With a Sole-Source Supplier Members Only Content
    Taro Matsumoto, C.P.M., CQM/CQA, December, Vol. 15, No. 12, p. 15.

    Carson's initial approach should be to research Exact's business strategy and its needs from Stevenson.

  • Metropolitan University Members Only Content
    Rudy Hanzsek Jr., March, Vol. 15, No. 3, p. 13.

    A poor purchase ordering process leads to inappropriate customer buying and dissatisfied suppliers.

  • Powerful Principles for Managing Growth Members Only Content
    Charles Dominick, C.P.M., SPSM, October, Vol. 15, No. 10, p. 12.

    Hase's growth stage is dependent upon implementation of a balanced procurement policy and a partnering supplier strategy.

  • Stevenson Engine Company Members Only Content
    Donald Dobler, November, Vol. 15, No. 11, p. 12.

    As a company re-emphasizes its cost reduction program, a major supplier announces its price increase.

  • Streamlining and Automation at Midwest College Members Only Content
    Kathleen S. Rand, MA, CPPB, August, Vol. 15, No. 8, p. 14.

    By streamlining and automating, purchasing will take a lead role in an organization that may be mired in the tried-and-true ways of the past.

  • The Brause Corporation Members Only Content
    Brad C. Meyer, January, Vol. 15, No. 1, p. 20.

    With importance on quality workmanship, competitive pricing and timely performance, a decision to make or buy was required.

  • Upscale Electronics, Inc. Members Only Content
    Michael Crum, May, Vol. 15, No. 5, p. 14.

    A major sourcing decision for a unique product: the wrong call could affect an organization's more profitable product lines.

  • Whitman Pharmaceutical Company Members Only Content
    Linda Wolin, September, Vol. 15, No. 9, p. 16.

    The need for a consistently reliable, competitive source for a crucial raw material demanded that a long-term procurement policy be developed.