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2003 Inside Supply Management Article Index
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A valuable reference tool, the Article Index is a comprehensive list of articles that have appeared in Inside Supply Management® (formerly Purchasing Today® and NAPM Insights®) magazine. Articles are organized by subject for easy locating and study.

  • Agility: The Need for Speed to Succeed Members Only Content
    Roberta J. Duffy, June, Vol. 14, No. 6, p. 20.

    The ability to be nimble and swift in making supply decisions is one key component of optimizing your supply network.

  • Change Management: Delivering the Benefits of Financial Accounting Basics for Supply Managers Members Only Content
    Michael A. McGinnis, D.B.A., C.P.M., A.P.P. and J. Patrick Cancro, Ph.D., October, Vol. 14, No. 10, p. 10.

    Contribute purchasing performance information to the organization's financial strength using basic financial accounting information.

  • Realizing a Supply Management Infrastructure Members Only Content
    James D. Wood, December, Vol. 14, No. 12, p. 10.

    Supply management needs to be a core layer of the entire business process if it is to contribute to achieving the organization's goals.

  • Strategic Sourcing Members Only Content
    Dian K. Castle, November, Vol. 14, No. 11, p. 8.

    Change management is really about building business success by managing people through the change process.

  • Taking a Board's-Eye View Members Only Content
    John Yuva, April, Vol. 14, No. 4, p. 22. (Exam Alert: )

    Gaining a board's-eye view should not be reserved for or expected from just certain supply managers.

  • The Ins and Outs of Strategic Staffing Members Only Content
    Julie S. Roberts and John Yuva, October, Vol. 14, No. 10, p. 24. (Exam Alert: )

    Recruiting? In this economy? That's just what forward-thinking organizations are doing, or preparing for, to source the best talent for their supply organizations.

  • The Power of Focus Members Only Content
    Tom Schroeder, CPIM, February, Vol. 14, No. 2, p. 6.

    Do you think like a business leader? Keep these key business concepts in mind so that your firm can stay on track.

  • The Thriving Small-Business Supply Manager Members Only Content
    John Yuva, June, Vol. 14, No. 6, p. 24.

    Working in a small business creates many advantages for supply managers, especially if they later decide to work for a large organization.

  • Tomorrow's Supply Manager Members Only Content
    Joseph L. Cavinato, Ph.D., C.P.M. and Roberta J. Duffy, December, Vol. 14, No. 12, p. 20.

    Supply chains are evolving, firms are evolving and so should you. The 21st-century supply chain manager will need to be a leader and tackle the broad base of responsibilities that come with future sourcing.

  • You Can PERSUADE™ an Audience Members Only Content
    Lowell Yarusso, MBA, Ed.D., January, Vol. 14, No. 1, p. 8.

    To captivate an audience, supply management professionals must make a persuasive presentation.