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Vol. 16, No. 6
June 2005


  • Service Has Its Rewards Members Only Content

    Through professional and community work, Robert A. Kemp, Ph.D., C.P.M., has earned supply management's highest honor.
    Jean McHale

  • A Boost from Technology Members Only Content

    With promises of "new and improved" technology making headlines daily, it can be hard to ascertain exactly how certain tools or types of technology can have an impact on your business. To help supply management professionals determine what's available to make their jobs easier, Inside Supply Management® asked two suppliers to answer the question, "How is technology enabling supply management processes?" The first article explores technological solutions that increase information accuracy and aid in decision making to help better synchronize supply management with its organization and supply chain partners. The second article investigates using reverse auctions to help supply managers sort through the technological aspects of purchasing utilities. Read on to learn which tools may help ease your workload.
    Christer Wadman and Jack Mason, Ph.D.

    Taking Technology's Pulse Members Only Content

    The pulse of technology in supply management is strong and steady as supply organizations make the most of today's tools while looking for advancements in the future.
    Mary Siegfried


In Every Issue

  • Just a Few Words to Ponder Members Only Content

    If we want to demonstrate our clear strategic potential, we must remember to be clear in our communication.
    Paul Novak, C.P.M., A.P.P.

  • Just In Time

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  • Adding Value Through Demand Management Members Only Content

    If most traditional price reduction opportunities have already been addressed, demand management can make a significant difference.
    Bob Bruning and Rick Hoole

  • Developing a Cost-Containment Plan Members Only Content

    With a significant increase in the cost of acquisition, a cost reduction program must be developed in six weeks.
    Aladar Kish

  • The Consequences of Consequential Damages Members Only Content

    In the event of a breach of contract, will your consequential damages clause be enough to recover damages?
    Michael L. O'Shaughnessy and Jeffrey J. Mayer

  • ISM News

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