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Adding Value Through Customer Service Members Only Content

Providing excellent service to our customers (both internal and external) best exemplifies what ADDING VALUE is all about. It's a fundamentally understood principle that high customer satisfaction leads to positive results. Industry Week magazine cited a study indicating that 20 percent of satisfied customers will return to do business again with the same supplier -- while 79 percent of very satisfied customers will definitely buy again from the same source. True customer satisfaction drives business and personal success. "Externally" -- the results are usually increased sales and enhanced profits. "Internally" -- the results include improved satisfaction and teamwork, leading to enhanced cooperation and personal promotion within your own organization. The individuals who passionately believe that serving the customer is their most important responsibility, as well as make a conscious commitment to serving all their customers in a positive and enthusiastic manner, will be the ones who will be most valued for their excellence by their employers.

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