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March 2002, Volume 1

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Welcome to the Institute for Supply Management™'s first certification and accreditation quarterly newsletter – the Certification Quarterly Update. Look for this free e-newsletter every quarter to keep you updated on the latest happenings to the C.P.M. and A.P.P. programs and to answer some of your frequently asked questions.

The Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) designation, introduced in 1974, is globally the most recognized designation for professionals in supply management. A C.P.M. represents the broadest body of knowledge in the dynamic and critical field of supply management. Professional organizations and enterprises around the world are adopting the C.P.M., with its rigorous testing and lifelong learning requirements, as the standard of achievement and excellence for the profession.

Supply management, more than any other function, reaches throughout and beyond the organization into the extended enterprise, making it the most strategic and cost-leveraging function in the modern corporation. Global sourcing, supplier relationship management, cost management strategies, outsourcing, and e-business technology are some of the tools today's modern supply management professional uses to drive savings directly to the bottomline.

The C.P.M. designation is internationally recognized as the sign of the professional supply manager. To date, more than 38,000 individuals have gained certification both nationally and abroad. The program provides the opportunity to develop professional competence in supply management and is rapidly gaining recognition worldwide. The program is designed for individuals working in any economic sector: private, public, or not-for-profit.

Purchasing Magazine 2001 Salary Survey:

Twenty-three percent of Purchasing Magazine's Salary Survey participants are C.P.M.s. Historically, supply professionals holding a C.P.M. designation have higher average salaries than supply professionals who are not certified. The 2001 average compensation for purchasing and supply executives with certification is $78,800; the average for those without certification is $59,500. To view the entire Salary Survey, go to

Certification Stats:

Statistics taken from a Certification Survey conducted by the ISM Certification Department (2001).

  • 82% of respondents felt that having a C.P.M. designation has benefited them professionally.
  • 30% of respondents have been in purchasing/supply management for 10-16 years, and 30% of respondents have been in purchasing/supply management for 17-25 years.

Quick facts from Purchasing Magazine's Profile of the Purchasing Professional.

  • The percentage of purchasing professionals who hold C.P.M. certification continues to rise.
  • Purchasing executives with the greatest longevity are the most likely to be certified.

Professional Stats:

Profile information taken from Purchasing Magazine's Profile of the Purchasing Professional.

  • The proportion of women in purchasing has more than doubled since 1987. For more information on women in purchasing, go to
  • Today's average purchasing professional is a married, 45-46 year old male who has worked in purchasing for 15 years.
  • A strong ( 80%) of survey respondents would choose to work in purchasing if given the opportunity to begin their careers again.

ISM's 87th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit
May 5-8, 2002, San Francisco.


Free Exam Offer: Register for the complete Conference or a 2-day pre-Conference seminar and take one, two, three, or all four certification exam modules for free (Modules 1 and 2 of the C.P.M. Exam may substitute for Modules 1 and 2 of the A.P.P. Exam). Modules offered on Sunday or Wednesday, May 5 or May 8, 2002. Space is limited - register today at

Continuing Education Hours: You can earn a total of 16.75 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) for your Conference attendance by attending sessions that are designed as educational. A documentation form will be included in the registration packet you receive when you arrive at the Conference. For more information on CEHs go to

Current C.P.M.s: Applicants for recertification or Lifetime recertification may retake Module 3 or 4 of the C.P.M. Exam to earn points toward recertification. Each module passed is worth 6 C.P.M. points (the equivalent of 42 hours of continuing education). (Note: Candidates who took Module 2 of the C.P.M. Exam prior to January 1, 2001, for recertification points may claim 6 points for this module through December 31, 2005.)

Current A.P.P.s: Applicants for reaccreditation or Lifetime reaccreditation may retake Module 1, 2, 3, or 4 of the C.P.M. Exam or Module 1 or 2 of the A.P.P. Exam to earn 42 hours of continuing education.

Exam Alert Logo Look for the Exam Alert icon in the ISM Resource Catalog to reference programs that pertain to specific modules of the C.P.M. and A.P.P. Exams.

C.P.M. and A.P.P. Study Materials:

Integrate your experience and knowledge with the ISM C.P.M. designation. By earning the C.P.M. designation, you will review a wide variety of subjects and as a result, your understanding of the profession will improve. A C.P.M. proves to management and your colleagues that you are serious about yourself and your career. To order study materials for the C.P.M. and A.P.P. Exams, visit or check out the ISM Resource Catalog.

Special Offer to C.P.P.s:

The Institute for Supply Management™ is now granting the C.P.M. designation to individuals who have earned the Certified Professional Purchaser (C.P.P.) designation through the Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC). ISM will issue C.P.P.s the C.P.M. designation without having to take and pass the exam portion of the C.P.M. requirements for a period of two years. So take advantage of this special offer now and send in your application today. For more information regarding this program, visit us online at

We appreciate your support of the C.P.M. and A.P.P. programs and the ISM Certification Department. We welcome your feedback and comments. The Certification Department is dedicated to making these programs and you a success. Please feel free to contact us at the information listed below or by e-mailing You can also use the automated number for general information at 800/888-6276 or 480/752-6276, extension 3027. Please visit our Web site to learn more about certification at and check out the certification discussion area. If you need to contact Customer Service to order exam forms or applications or to register for the Conference e-mail

Thank you for your support.
Christina Foster, SPHR

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