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January 2013, Volume 28

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Be the Solution: ISM's 2013 Annual Conference

Letter from the ISM Professional Credentials Committee Chair

Professional Credentials Committee Chair

Every day, we see higher starting salaries and promotions strongly correlated with possessing an Institute for Supply Management™ (ISM) certification. We all hear quotes about the differential in starting salary negotiated by ISM certified job seekers vs. the noncertified.

The kind of individual who puts forth the effort and sacrifice to obtain an ISM certification typically also performs other job-related activities with the same relative excellence and professionalism:

  • They are more active in ISM and other professional associations, which leads to extra knowledge and stronger personal and professional networks.
  • They know ways to get the job done more efficiently and to make their employer profitable. If they do not have the answer, they know others who do and who are willing to assist them.
  • Their accomplishments testify to superior performance and, when asked, professional references may be more enthusiastic.

The continuing dearth of qualified workers in our workforce, and our need to just get the work done, lead us to seek out individuals who can get more work done on their own. Therefore, an inflated premium is building for the more promising job seekers.

A recent professional development meeting speaker talked about e-commerce (electronic commerce), to be followed by i-commerce (informational commerce), and leading to c-commerce (collaborative commerce). It is these extra-effort individuals who find ways to make these concepts work and who will reap the rewards for their companies. It is companies that hire certified employees, and encourage and support noncertified employees in seeking certification, which will be the winners in this burgeoning global competition we face.

Just as a diploma, a four-year degree or an MBA imply a level of capability and therefore create an expectation of a certain level of performance, a CPSM® raises the bar of expectation. And typically, capability and performance follow that expectation. "We expect more, and therefore we get more."

Be that exceptional performer. Better yet, create a team of exceptional performers and you will see. The results can be astounding.

Set your standards high and achieve your goals. ISM and your local ISM affiliate's Professional Development Educational Committee are here to help you succeed in doing so.

David Van Valkenburgh, CPSM, C.P.M., CFPIM, CSCP, CFCM
Chair, ISM Professional Credentials Committee

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CPSM® — Where do I Start?

If you want to get your CPSM® but don't know where to start, this is for you. Start by taking a good look at the CPSM® and Bridge Exam Specifications (Bridge items are highlighted). This is where you see exactly what you are tested on in each of the exams. By looking over the exam specifications, you can confirm that the CPSM® tests the areas that are important to your personal career path and also figure out what areas you already know as well as what areas you may not be too familiar with. The areas you are not too familiar with are the ones where you need to focus your studies.

As suggested in the How to Study for the CPSM® page, set goals and create a time line to study and take each exam around your work and personal commitments. Most people complete the CPSM® program in six to 12 months. We recommend you plan your timeline around the following goals:

Daily Study Goal    Weekly
Monday-Friday    Study at least 1 hour each day (30 min. during lunch/breaks, 30-60 minutes in the evenings)    10 hours    40 hours    Take an exam at the end of month 2, 4 and 6
& Sunday
Study 2-3 hours each day

You can always extend your time line if unexpected circumstances come up, but it helps to keep yourself on a specific schedule. If you are an active C.P.M., you only take one Bridge Exam and would set your goal to study and take your exam in two months.

If you begin by taking the CPSM® Diagnostic Practice Exam practice tests, you generate a score report that tells you your strengths and weaknesses against the tested exam content. When you follow the directions in the Diagnostic Practice Exam, you also get bibliographic references to each item that you missed, telling you where to find the detailed explanations within the other study items (ISM Professional Series and CPSM® Study Guide). These references give you a personalized study plan based on the areas you need to strengthen the most. You'll know which study items you need that contain the areas you need to work on. By using the Diagnostic Practice Exam, you study with a plan based on your needs while keeping your studies time-efficient and cost-efficient.

Get started on your CPSM® today by visiting the How to Study page.

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Discounted Exams at Annual Conference — Study Now!

Set your goal and start studying now to prepare for discounted CPSM® and CPSD™ Exams available for everyone to take before the start of Annual Conference. You can take paper-and-pencil exams for $99.50 member/$149.50 nonmember each exam on Saturday, April 27, 2013 in Grapevine (Dallas/Ft. Worth), Texas. You'll save 50% off the regular exam prices of $199 members/$299 nonmembers. Choose from a morning and/or afternoon exam time to take your CPSM® and/or CPSD™ Exams. Register now, scroll down to Exam Registration. Advanced registration is required.

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One Exam to Become a CPSD™

If you are an active CPSM® or C.P.M., you only need to pass one exam to become a Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity® (CPSD™). Everyone else is required to take two exams to become a CPSD™.

If you are responsible for supplier diversity initiatives in your organization, you need to look at the CPSD™ certification to demonstrate you are on top of this growing trend in sourcing and supply management. With major players requiring their partners to use diverse suppliers and the need to maintain a competitive edge, if supplier diversity is not already on your organization's radar, it will be soon.

Learn more about the CPSD™ today.

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Studying for CPSM®? Prefer In-Class Instruction?

If you are studying for the CPSM® Exam and prefer in-class instruction to assist in your studies, there is an upcoming CPSM® Exam Review seminar (#4250) on April, 24-26, 2013 in Grapevine Dallas/Ft. Worth. (Seminar is equivalent to the CPSM® Online Exam Review course and the CPSM® Self-Study Workbook course.) You can even take up to two of your CPSM® Exams following the seminar on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at half-price (see above article). Register today.

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Low-Cost Ways to Earn CEHs

Need to earn Continuing Education Hours (CEHs)? Short on funds to pay for training? Don't despair. ISM has several low-cost options to keep your CPSM®, CSM™, CPSD™, C.P.M. or A.P.P. certification current. Some are even free.

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Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

ISM Conferences

  • 10th Annual Black Executive Supply Management Summit
    February 5-7, 2013
    New Orleans, LA
    Register Now
    Earn up to 9.5 CEHs

  • 5th Annual Women Executive Supply Management Summit
    February 5-7, 2013
    New Orleans, LA
    Register Now
    Earn up to 8.5 CEHs

  • 6th Annual Hispanic and Latino Supply Management Summit
    April 30, 2013
    Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
    Register Now
    Earn up to 3.5 CEH's

  • ISM 98th Annual International Supply Management Conference & Educational Exhibit
    April 28-May 1, 2013
    Grapevine, TX (Dallas)
    Register Now
    Earn up to 25 CEHs

ISM Face-to-Face Seminars

March 2013
Title     Date     Location
The Supply Chain Management Simulation: Play It to Win (#4231)     March 4-6, 2013     Las Vegas, NV
Fundamentals of Purchasing: The Building Blocks of World-Class Professionalism (#4523)     March 6-8, 2013     Las Vegas, NV
Legal Week 2013: Fundamentals Through Advanced Concepts     March 11- 15, 2013     Atlanta, GA
Reducing and Controlling Costs With Cost-Containment Strategies (#4591)     March 11-12, 2013     Dallas, TX
Legal Foundations of Supply Management (formerly Legal Aspects of Supply Management: The Basics You Need to Succeed) (#4390)     March 11-13, 2013     Atlanta, GA
Supplier Assessment and Performance Measurement: Ensuring Promised Value (#4212)     March 13-15, 2013     Chicago, IL
Contracting: What All the Ts and Cs Mean (formerly Contracting Basics: What All the Ts and Cs Mean) (#4495)     March 14-15, 2013     Atlanta, GA
Resisting Price Increases and Implementing Cost Improvement Initiatives (#4273)     March 20-22, 2013     Phoenix, AZ
Strategic Services Procurement: Applying Strategic Sourcing Principles to the Procurement of Services (#4459)     March 21-22, 2013     Atlanta, GA

April 2013
Title     Date     Location
Legal Negotiations (#4277)     April 11 -12, 2013     Atlanta, GA
Fundamentals of Purchasing: The Building Blocks of World-Class Professionalism (#4524)     April 17-19, 2013     Phoenix, AZ
Category Management: Cost and Leveraging Strategies for Supply Professionals (#4223)     April 24-26, 2013     Dallas, TX
CPSM® and CSM™ Exam Review Course (#4250)     April 24-26, 2013     Dallas, TX
Contracting for Purchasing and Supply Management: Beyond the Basics (#4424)     April 25-26, 2013     Dallas, TX
CPSM® and CSM™ Train the Trainer: Review Instructor Courseware Program (#4300)     April 25-26, 2013     Dallas, TX
How to Develop and Manage a Supplier Diversity Program (#4321)     April 27, 2013     Dallas, TX