Tuesday, April 19, 2005

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90th Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit

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In this issue...
  • Inside Supply Management® Special Executive Edition. Read more.
  • Supply Line 2055: Certification Update. Read more.
  • ISM Web Seminar: RFID Solutions for the Supply Management Professional. Read more.
  • C.P.M. Diagnostic Practice Exam is now on CD Rom. Read more.
  • Term of the Day. Read more.
  • Calendar of Events for May. Read more.
  • Contact Us. Read more.

Inside Supply Management® Special Executive Edition

The April issue of Inside Supply Management® marks a special "Executive Edition" of our monthly magazine.

In its mission to lead supply management, ISM is eager to share with you experiences and commentaries from leaders in the field. If you're currently in an executive-level position, you'll find the content particularly rewarding. For tomorrow's top pros, think of it as a glimpse into your future (and who wouldn't want to know what's on the boss's radar screen?).

Here's a peek at just a few of the editorial pieces in the April issue of Inside Supply Management®:

  • A panel discussion among five top supply executives: You've got a front-row seat to listen in as they reveal their biggest challenges, tomorrow's priorities and how they're making an impact at their firms.
  • A technology outlook: We asked three leading technology providers to share their thoughts on what supply professionals can expect in future tools and innovation.
  • A futurist's view: What's the potential of knowledge management?
  • Our cover story: We take a comprehensive look at global sourcing and the strategies that make it work.

To access this special "Executive Edition" of Inside Supply Management®, click here.

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Supply Line 2055: Certification Update

Check out the latest edition of Supply Line 2055: Certification Update featuring the following topics:

  • Knowledge and Professionalism Get Results
  • Certified Purchasing Managers Earn More
  • What do C.P.M.s Bring to Your Organization?
  • Earn Up to 18.75 CEHs Towards Recertification/Reaccreditation in San Antonio
  • PMAC'S C.P.P. Program and the C.P.M.
  • ISM Clarifies A.P.P. Timeline

To view the current issue or past editions, click here.

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ISM Web Seminar: RFID Solutions for the Supply Management Professional

A follow-up session to ISM's previous Web seminar on how Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is revolutionizing business, ISM invites you to join us on Wednesday, May 18th for another one-hour program. This advanced session includes actual point solution case studies and solutions that have produced substantial ROIs in automotive, logistical and material handling applications. Although we will explore specific industries, the solutions presented apply in most manufacturing and logistics applications. This session is presented by Charlie Robertson, a supply chain consultant who holds an extensive background in purchasing, logistics, material control and finance.

Registration fees are $99 per individual or $179 for two or more attendees per connection. The session begins at 10:00 a.m. Pacific / 1:00 p.m. Eastern.

For more information or to register, click here.

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C.P.M. Diagnostic Practice Exam is now on CD Rom

The Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M.) Diagnostic Practice Exam is now on CD Rom. The Diagnostic Practice Exam offers immediate feedback after each question and allows you to conduct timed exams to simulate actual testing conditions. The electronic format is also helpful for those not familiar with computerized testing since it is similar to the computer version of the exam. Plus, your score is calculated by the program.

Get your CD Rom version of the Diagnostic Practice Exam today and turn your computer into your own personal C.P.M. Exam Tutor!

For pricing information or to order, click here.

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Term of the Day

Today's ISM Term of the Day is: DISPOSAL COST.

Definition: The expense of removing inventory items from an organization's premises.

A different Term of the Day is posted on the ISM Home Page (www.ism.ws) each day -- 7 days a week. The Term of the Day is taken from the Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms.

ISM members can access the online Members Only Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms which includes terms from the private, public, and various industry sectors, and from a wide variety of sources. The Glossary can be browsed alphabetically, or searched by keyword.

To access the Glossary click here.

If you are not a member but would like membership information click here.

Help us update this Glossary! If you don't find the term or definition that you are looking for let us know. We will be updating the ISM Glossary in the coming months, and your input will be useful for the new edition. To contact us regarding the Glossary, e-mail: surveys@ism.ws

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Calendar of Events for May

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