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ISM's 92nd Annual International Supply Management Conference

Institute for Supply Management

In This Issue ...
  • This Month in the Inside Supply Management® Magazine.  Read more.
  • ISM Offers Tools for Social Responsibility Audits and Assessments.  Read more.
  • Bring CPSM Pilot Testing To Your Organization.  Read more.
  • ISM Invites You to Share Your Expertise on a Satellite Seminar.  Read more.
  • Latest Issue of eDigest: Chemicals Newsletter Now Available Online.  Read more.
  • Calendar of Events for May.  Read more.
  • Term of the Day.  Read more.
  • Contact Us.  Read more.

This Month in the Inside Supply Management® Magazine

Have you checked out this month's issue of Inside Supply Management® magazine? Here are a few highlights:

  • Does your company want to source from a country with an emerging economy? If so, there are likely supply network issues that need examining. "Taming Emerging Markets" explores those critical areas.

  • For many global companies, locating leaders in the country of origin is a primary initiative in their globalization efforts. However, succeeding in that endeavor is proving to be a challenge. Check out "Filling the Leadership Void"

  • Profile: Garry Baddock, vice president of global procurement and workplace services, Unisys. Article "Driving Value Through Synergy" focuses on how Unisys fully integrated supply management with its real estate operations.

To access the April Inside Supply Management® magazine's table of contents, which contains links to all this month's articles click here.

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ISM Offers Tools for Social Responsibility Audits and Assessments

Where does your organization stand regarding awareness of social responsibility issues? How is social responsibility communicated and integrated into your organization's programs? The Audits and Assessments area of the ISM Web site offers two tools to help you find answers to these questions.

  • Supply Management Audit for Social Responsibility is a thought-provoking evaluation tool designed to help supply professionals and the organizations for which they work get started in evaluating their social responsibility efforts. The audit assists in identifying where an organization's social responsibility performance is strong and where improvement is needed. This document is available in both Word and PDF formats.

  • The Social Responsibility Maturity Matrix is an Excel format document that can be used to assess the current state of an organization's social responsibility efforts, describing the ideal end state or "point of arrival," and measuring progress toward that point of arrival.

For those who are attending the ISM Annual International Supply Management Conference in Las Vegas in May, the ISM Committee on Social Responsibility is sponsoring a workshop that will explain the Social Responsibility Matrix in detail. The workshop, "21 or Over? Measuring Your Social Responsibility Maturity" (Session CK) is scheduled for Monday, May 7 from 10:40 to 11:40 a.m. Presented by Gerry P. Bundle, MSM, C.P.M., the workshop will use a simple Las Vegas game simulation and a Six Sigma process framework to examine the maturity matrix and show how it can be used to manage an organization's social responsibility efforts.

The ISM Social Responsibility Audits and Assessments page also includes links to several resources from other organizations for auditing social responsibility performance. To access these tools click here.

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Bring CPSM Pilot Testing To Your Organization

Pilot testing for the Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) takes place in February 2008. Pilot testing is a standard practice when introducing a new qualification. It ensures the exams will be reliable and credible. The pilot program also quantifies the exam, enabling ISM to develop exam equating and scoring. Because most qualifying C.P.M.s will take the CPSM Bridge exam to obtain their CPSM, the Pilot Testing Program is primarily targeting qualified professionals without the C.P.M. credential. However, any C.P.M. who meets the CPSM requirements is welcome to participate in the pilot program.

Good News for Organizations and Affiliates

ISM's Pilot testing program for the CPSM will be offered to organizations at their location. To participate in the program, organizations must have at least five qualifying CPSM candidates to register. ISM is currently developing incentives for professionals who may wish to take part in the CPSM Pilot Testing Program. These incentives will be announced later in 2007. ISM will begin accepting registrations this fall. Companies interested in the CPSM Pilot Testing Program should contact ISM's Sales Department:

Kelly Rich
Senior Sales Associate
480/752-6276, extension 3061

Trish True
Senior Sales Associate
480/752-6276, extension 3086

For more information about the CPSM program click here.

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ISM Invites You to Share Your Expertise on a Satellite Seminar

A key to the success of ISM's satellite seminars is the wide variety of panelists who have appeared on the programs. ISM continually searches for supply professionals who are willing to serve as panelists to share practical knowledge from their own experiences in the supply management profession as it relates to the various program topics.

For the upcoming program year, we are especially interested in supply professionals who have experience with global sourcing, market intelligence or social responsibility/sustainability.

Panelists from previous ISM satellite seminars have gained company recognition and personal satisfaction while enjoying the unique perspective of serving on the team to develop these programs and traveling to Tempe for the actual production. It's a great way to enhance your supply management career!

To explore the opportunity of appearing as a panelist on an ISM satellite seminar, contact Valerie Gryniewicz at 480/752-6276 or 800/888-6276, extension 3090 (e-mail or visit the Speaking Opportunities area of the ISM Web site: click here.

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Latest Issue of eDigest: Chemicals Newsletter Now Available Online

The eDigest: Chemicals newsletter was distributed this month. Check out this issue's hot topics:

  • Biotech and the Economy: A recent study estimates that since their commercialization in 1996, biotech crops have saved farmers 441 million gallons of fuel through reduced-field operations, and less carbon dioxide is released into the air through no- and low-tillage cropping systems that use biotech herbicide-tolerant varieties.

  • Europe Carbon-Dioxide Emissions: According to a recent briefing, member states in the EU are squandering a significant part of their energy due to inefficiency, and buildings were responsible for 40 percent of Europe's total carbon-dioxide emissions.

  • Thought-Leader Relationships: A recent report found that participating pharmaceutical and biotech companies have formed consulting relationships with an average of 217 thought leaders such as influential physicians.

  • Hydrogen Technology's Impact: Although a recent study predicts that the basic structure of the automotive market will change little over the next 20 years, it suggests that the environmental and geopolitical implications of large-scale biofuel production will replace one form of energy insecurity with another.

  • Guest Viewpoint: Developing Railroad Security: Within the surface transportation sector, rail traffic — both passenger and freight — presents the most lucrative and vulnerable target to terrorists. Almost two million loads of hazardous materials or chemicals are transported by rail each year.

  • Commodity Report: With globalization, trade liberalization, and, especially, the rapid growth of the Asian economies, China and India have become key players in several specialty chemicals markets

To access the latest issue of eDigest: Chemicals newsletter click here.

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Calendar of Events for May

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Term of the Day

Today's ISM Term of the Day is: GO TO GEMBA.

Definition: Gemba is a Japanese word that means "the place where the problem occurs." The expression "go to Gemba" means leaders and problem-solvers should observe firsthand what is occurring and what is important. This practice developed as part of the Toyota Production System and is used in quality management.

A different Term of the Day is posted on the ISM Home Page ( each day -- 7 days a week. The Term of the Day is taken from the ISM Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms.

ISM members can access the online Members Only ISM Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms which can be browsed alphabetically, or searched by keyword.

To access the online Glossary click here.

If you are not a member but would like membership information click here.

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