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This Month in Inside Supply Management® Magazine

Shhhhh ... April's Inside Supply Management® magazine is talking trade secrets. Or, to be more accurate, how to keep your trade secrets just that — secret. With supply chains becoming more competitive and so much integration taking place with suppliers and outsourcers, your intellectual property might be your best tool for competitive advantage. But how are companies ensuring that trade secrets aren't being disclosed, by accident or intentionally? We look at some of the common ways secrets leave the building and ask the experts how to keep it from happening.

It's hard to believe that it's been seven months since hurricanes struck the U.S. Gulf Coast, changing lives forever. Taking a look back at those critical aftermath weeks is just what we did when we talked to Richard A. Hughes, vice president of Procter & Gamble's global purchases organization. In the April issue of Inside Supply Management®, he details for us how a P&G coffee plant weathered the storm, what it had to do to keep operations running and employees safe, and how suppliers played a role no one could have imagined.

In the April Inside Supply Management® magazine, you'll also find articles on:

  • Ethics
  • Leading versus managing
  • Overseas technical support
  • And much more!

To access April's table of contents click here.

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Lifetime C.P.M. Certification & Lifetime A.P.P. Accreditation

Lifetime Certification or Lifetime Accreditation means recertifying or reaccrediting for the last time. The applicant must document 18 years of full-time professional supply management experience to obtain Lifetime Certification or Lifetime Accreditation.

When you meet the criteria, you can apply right away. You do not need to wait until your recertification or reaccreditation is due. Just complete the appropriate application, include proof of employment since your original application, and document CEHs (see table below). Experience previously approved on your original application does not have to be documented again. If you are not sure how much experience was approved, please contact ISM via e-mail at

Those applicants eligible for Lifetime need only submit hours based on the table below.

PRORATED LIFETIME SCALE (CEHS = Continuing Education Hours)
  C.P.M. A.P.P.
Held latest certificate one year or less? 21 CEHs 8 CEHs
Held latest certificate less than two but more than one year? 35 CEHs 17 CEHs
Held latest certificate less than three but more than two years? 56 CEHs 25 CEHs
Held latest certificate less than four but more than three years? 70 CEHs 34 CEHs
Held latest certificate less than five but more than four years? 84 CEHs 42 CEHs

If a C.P.M. applicant reaches their 18th year during their one-year grace period, then they will need to document another 21 hours (total of 105 hours). For the A.P.P., another 7 hours is required (total of 49 hours).

We recommend that you download the appropriate Recertification or Reaccreditation application from the ISM Web site to review all of the requirements. Click here.

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Survey Says...

Each month, the Just In Time pages in ISM's monthly magazine, Inside Supply Management®, will find out what's on supply managers' minds by publishing the results of our new online surveys. To share your opinion on topics from RFID and the uses of technology to who you think J. Shipman of ISM's J. Shipman Medal might really be, go to the ISM Web site and select the Inside Supply Management® & Other Publications navigation tab. Next select the link to Inside Supply Management®. Now you'll see the link to Take Our Just In Time Surveys at the top of the page, or use the following link: click here.

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2006 Conference Proceedings

The 2006 ISM International Conference Proceedings is now available on the ISM Web site for ISM members and nonmembers.

The Conference Proceedings contains over 65 Conference presentations submitted for publication by this year's Conference presenters. The online Proceedings can be sorted by title, author, or topic.

To access this year's Proceedings click here.

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The Power of the Services Supply Chain: Strategies for Innovation

An ISM Services Group Program
St. John's University - Manhattan Campus
New York, NY
June 8, 2006

Spend the day with some of the industry's leading experts from MetLife, Dun & Bradstreet, Pfizer Inc, JVKellyGroup and Voice of Empowerment, Inc. Learn to develop a successful strategy and integrate real solutions that achieve significant results.

ISM and St. John's University have again teamed up to present valuable insights into new strategies for innovation solutions to help you contain and even lower costs that are associated with purchasing services. Make a dynamic difference within your organization by enhancing and more effectively managing your services spend. This one-day event is filled with back-to-back sessions, including dynamic negotiation strategies for service related contracts and techniques that improve the bottomline.

$495 ISM Members/$695 Nonmembers. Register online and save $25

Sponsored by:

  • St. John's University
  • The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
  • JVKelly Group

Earn 6.25 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) when you attend this one-day event

To register or for more information click here.

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Calendar of Events for May

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Term of the Day

Today's ISM Term of the Day is: ELECTRONIC FUNDS TRANSFER (EFT).

Definition: The electronic transmission of funds from one party (purchaser) to another (supplier).

A different Term of the Day is posted on the ISM Home Page ( each day -- 7 days a week. The Term of the Day is taken from the Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms.

ISM members can access the online Members Only Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms which includes terms from the private, public, and various industry sectors, and from a wide variety of sources. The Glossary can be browsed alphabetically, or searched by keyword.

To access the Glossary click here.

If you are not a member but would like membership information click here.

Help us update this Glossary! If you don't find the term or definition that you are looking for let us know. We will be updating the ISM Glossary in the coming months, and your input will be useful for the new edition. To contact us regarding the Glossary, e-mail:

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