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This Month in Inside Supply Management® Magazine

It's finally here ... after months of planning, weeks of review and countless hours of hard work ... get ready for something new!

The March issue of Inside Supply Management® debuts a complete redesign for the publication. You'll quickly notice the sophisticated new look, but spend some time with this issue and you'll recognize an upgrade in content as well. While supply management obviously remains our main focus, we've taken a fresh approach to presenting those topics — in particular the leading-edge concepts that the best organizations and the brightest minds are discussing.

We've also made the magazine more appropriate for you, the busy professional. You'll notice shorter articles (but more of them). And we'll be bringing you more stories about and insights directly from your peers — including first-person columns and a profile each month that takes you inside one supply management operation.

Here's just a sampling of what you'll find in March's issue:

  • Examine the future workforce: Demographics show a shrinking pool of workers; how are you planning to retain and recruit?
  • Learn how the U.S. Postal Service has delivered results and cost savings.
  • Discover the benefits of business in Ireland (not just on March 17th, but all year-round).
  • Get the latest on RFID.
  • Check out market drivers and commodity factors around the globe.
  • Plus, executive thoughts on outsourcing, leadership and a suspicious acquisition.

We hope you'll be thrilled with the new Inside Supply Management®. Out of all the publications that make their way across your desk, we want it to be the one you reach for.

To access the online March issue of Inside Supply Management® click here.

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How to Earn Recertification/Reaccreditation Hours

Individuals who want to keep their C.P.M. or A.P.P. designation current must recertify/reaccredit every five years. C.P.M.s must earn 84 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) during their current certificate period. A.P.P.s must earn 42 Continuing Education Hours (CEHs) during their current accreditation period.

Here are the ways one can earn CEHs:

  • College Courses (Taken or Taught)
    Semester-long university courses in purchasing, materials management, supply management, management or other business-related subject matter are worth 14 CEHs per semester hour. Most other semester-long university courses are worth 7 CEHs each — for the entire course.

  • Continuing Education (Taken or Taught)
    Public seminars (AMA, APICS, etc.), seminars offered by your organization, conferences and other educational programs are eligible for CEHs. Educational events are eligible for consideration if (a) the subject matter was purchasing, materials management, supply management, management or other business-related subject matter; and (b) the event was at least one hour in length. Earning Allied Association certification is worth 7 CEHs.

  • Articles
    Articles published in refereed journals (include copies with application) are worth 14 CEHs each. Substantive, well-developed articles published in established purchasing or trade magazines (those that have an editorial review board identified in the magazine), exceeding one page in length, as well as articles published in conference proceedings, are eligible for 7 CEHs per article.

  • Contributions to the Profession
    Individuals who hold office in ISM or Allied Associations may claim service hours. Each annual job assignment as an officer, director, group chair or chair of a committee, other than social or recreational, for an ISM affiliate or Allied Association earns 7 CEHs. At the discretion of the ISM affiliate leadership, service hours may be awarded to all deserving volunteers, whether or not they are chairpersons, officers or directors.

  • C.P.M. Examination
    C.P.M. applicants may retake Module 3 and/or 4 while A.P.P.s may take Modules 1, 2, 3 or 4. Each module passed is worth 42 CEHs.

ISM's new Certified Professional in Supply Management (CPSM) qualification will recognize the expanded education, skills and experience needed for successful supply managers in the 21st century. Available in 2008, the CPSM qualification will focus on strategic, high-level supply management, culminating in senior management level expertise.

For more information regarding certification click here.

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One on One: An Interview with Willis D. Pugh

Willis D. Pugh is the executive director for Honeywell's Aerospace sourcing organization, responsible for the mechanical commodity group's $1.5 billion spend. In this role, Pugh leads the mechanical commodity team based out of Phoenix, Arizona, and the global IPO teams located in Asia, Mexico and Eastern Europe. Pugh is a graduate of the University of Alabama School of Engineering. Upon graduation, he spent 11 years working as an industrial engineer and quality engineer for Square D - Schneider Electric before moving into the company's purchasing organization. At the time of this interview, Pugh served as vice president of the global sourcing organization for Fleetguard Inc. He was responsible for the global supply and sourcing strategy for the filtration business unit. During his time with Fleetguard, one of the tools Pugh used to better understand and manage the risk associated with sourcing and globalization around the world was a PEST analysis.

The Journal of Supply Chain Management: What is the PEST analysis?

Willis D. Pugh: The PEST analysis — which stands for Political, Economic, Socio-Cultural and Technological — helps you understand some of the challenges you are going to have in a particular country. If the government structure changes, or the country reevaluates its currency, what impact will that have on your business? What's your elasticity to those changes? What do you do to mitigate those risks as it relates to political, economic, social, and technology concerns?

We've only been using this analysis method for 2-3 years, so it's still a relatively new tool to us. We use both SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) and PEST analyses, depending on circumstances. When thoroughly evaluating different regions and countries, PEST works very well; SWOT drills PEST down further to help us understand the risk analysis associated with a particular project within that region.

To read the entire One on One interview click here.

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ISM Conference Extras

Take advantage of the many Conference extras when you attend ISM's 91st Annual International Supply Management Conference and Educational Exhibit taking place May 7-10, 2006 in Minneapolis, MN. Conference extras include:

  • ISM Cyber Café -- Stay connected to your office, your e-mail and your projects when you take advantage of the ISM Cyber Café. Use this resource to stay ahead of the game while you're out of the office. The Cyber Café continues to be one of the most popular amenities. This year we offer two locations for your convenience.

  • ISM Career Center -- Conference attendees are eligible for on-site job interviews during the Conference! Once you've registered for the Conference, you will receive information on how to submit your résumé to a special database developed for this event. Employers will review the résumés and choose those who meet their requirements for an on-site interview on Monday and Tuesday of the Conference. Only Conference participants enjoy this opportunity!

  • Educational Resource Center -- Discover a broad collection of supply management resources. Every year, we develop new educational tools to help you stay on the leading edge of the supply management profession. Buy now and avoid shipping charges on all in-stock items. Take home our award-winning magazine, Inside Supply Management®, as well as catalogs and other informational literature.

  • Semiannual Forecast -- Leverage economic insight to gain a competitive edge. Use the ISM Semiannual Forecast to cast new light on the tentative economy. Make this session a must-see and find out why renowned economists use the ISM Report On Business® to make decisions and set policy.

  • Pre-Conference Seminars -- Get an even greater return on your Conference time and travel investment by extending your stay for our Pre-Conference Seminars. Providing valuable insight into the purchasing and supply networks, these seminars feature both basic and advanced training, covering a variety of topics.

  • Half-priced C.P.M. & A.P.P. Exams -- Candidates who register for the complete Conference or a 2-day pre-Conference seminar and take one, two, or up to three certification exam modules will receive HALF-OFF the applicable exam fee.

For more information about the ISM Conference and its many extras click here.

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Term of the Day

Today's ISM Term of the Day is: REVERSE MARKETING.

Definition: An aggressive approach to developing a relationship with a supplier in which the buyer takes the initiative in making the proposal for the relationship and the specific business transaction ? a reversal of the usual buyer/supplier marketing practice.

A different Term of the Day is posted on the ISM Home Page ( each day -- 7 days a week. The Term of the Day is taken from the Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms.

ISM members can access the online Members Only Glossary of Key Supply Management Terms which includes terms from the private, public, and various industry sectors, and from a wide variety of sources. The Glossary can be browsed alphabetically, or searched by keyword.

To access the Glossary click here.

If you are not a member but would like membership information click here.

Help us update this Glossary! If you don't find the term or definition that you are looking for let us know. We will be updating the ISM Glossary in the coming months, and your input will be useful for the new edition. To contact us regarding the Glossary, e-mail:

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