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CPSD™ Exam Review Self-Study Workbook

CPSD Exam Review Self-Study Workbook Cover

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Product Description

This self-study workbook provides an overview of the material covered on the Certified Professional in Supplier Diversity®(CPSD) Exam, using resource articles, case studies and supplemental content developed by subject matter experts. There is a post test with justifications to evaluate your increased knowledge.

Note: This workbook is equivalent to the CPSD Online Review Course.

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Item Number: 6010
Date Published: 2011
Shipping Weight: 4 lbs.

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Jonathan Hummer, July 02, 2014

Outside of being wildly expensive for what it is (a binder with printed materials enclosed--note even a real book), this material was pretty useless as study material. The "diagnostic exam" was a few pages at the end of the material with *only 21* questions (one for each of the topics), and it didn't even have the answers or rationale. Instead, to get the answers/rationale, you need to *MAIL IN* a copy of your answer sheet and they will mail it out to you. Seems like a pretty archaic process for an organization that should be a front-runner of technology.

If you have your CPSM, you will likely already have the incumbent knowledge to pass this test. And if you already have the CPSM study materials, you will be better off using that and common sense as your lodestar to prep for this test, because most of this binder was taken from the CPSM test prep books, anyway. Though I haven't seen the online-only material and test questions, I would give that a whirl before using this if you really feel like you need something to prepare for the CPSD.