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ISM Self-Study Courses

ISM brings professional-level continuing education courses to your home or office. ISM's self-study courses provide a solid understanding of all aspects of supply management and are an excellent resource for those preparing to take the CPSM® Exams.

CPSM® Self-Study Workbook Courses
CPSM<sup>®</sup> Bridge Exam Self-Study Workbook  CPSM<sup>®</sup> Exam 1 Self-Study Workbook Course CPSM<sup>®</sup> Exam 2 Self-Study Workbook Course CPSM<sup>®</sup> Exam 3 Self-Study Workbook Course

Using the CPSM® Study Guide and CPSM® Exam Specification, these self-study workbooks provide an introduction to the major topics covered in the CPSM® Exams. They include resource articles, review questions, case studies and supplemental content developed by subject-matter experts for selected tasks. There is a post-test to evaluate your increased knowledge. Note: The CPSM® Study Guide is necessary to use these workbooks. These self-study courses are equivalent to the CPSM® Exam Online Review courses in the ISM Knowledge Center.

CPSM® Bridge Exam Self-Study Workbook USD $169 ISM members/USD $219 nonmembers
CPSM® Exam 1 Self-Study Workbook USD $169 ISM members/USD $219 nonmembers
CPSM® Exam 2 Self-Study Workbook USD $169 ISM members/USD $219 nonmembers
CPSM® Exam 3 Self-Study Workbook USD $169 ISM members/USD $219 nonmembers

CPSD™ Exam Review Self-Study Workbook
CPSD™ Exam Review Self-Study Workbook

This self-study workbook provides an overview of the material covered on the CPSD™ Exam, using resource articles, case studies and supplemental content developed by subject matter experts. There is a post-test with justifications to evaluate your increased knowledge. Note: This workbook is equivalent to the CPSD™ Online Review Course. (10 CEHs)
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Supply Management Self-Study Courses

Fundamentals of Purchasing — A Component of Supply Management, 2nd Edition
Gain, or revisit, fundamental concepts of purchasing with this self-study workbook. It explores why, and how, purchasing and supply management is a business strategy by developing your skills in competitive bidding, contract creation and management, legal matters and the categorization of purchases and suppliers. Learn the latest sourcing value-add opportunities and how to incorporate sustainability, social responsibility and the ISM Report On Business® into your day-to-day activities. Earn 15.5 Continuing Education Hours.

Legal Aspects of Supply Management — A Self-Study Course
Based on ISM's "Legal Aspects of Supply Management" seminar, this self-study course explains the basic concepts of law as they affect supply management. Earn 14 Continuing Education Hours.

Contract Development and Administration
With this self-study course you'll learn to define the elements of an enforceable contract, integrate contract development, negotiate contract terms, appreciate cost and risk aspects, and measure/monitor contract performance. Earn 14 Continuing Education Hours.

Managing and Improving Supplier Performance
This course provides a strategic and tactical framework for managing the commercial relationship with members of the supply base. Earn 14 Continuing Education Hours.

Power Negotiations: Unlock Your Powers of Influence and Persuasion
This workbook provides a self-paced program for those individuals interested in learning the basic concepts of negotiation, the steps involved and the skills needed to become proficient and successful. The program has been designed to include a range of negotiation topics from elementary to intermediate for those new to supply management; those who are ready to advance beyond the basics and experienced professionals seeking to review their skills or enhance those of their staff. Earn 14 Continuing Education Hours.

Project Management for Purchasing Professionals
This self-study Course introduces and reinforces the use of project management in the purchasing and supply profession-from capital equipment purchasing to outsourcing manufacturing and services. Earn 14 Continuing Education Hours.

Tools for Operations and Supply Chain Efficiencies
This course teaches you how to identify and manage cost components of your supply chain. Learn how business needs translate into purchasing challenges, as well as how to identify sensitivities that impact the bottomline and apply tools that create solutions. You will gain insights into cost allocations, inventory management, effective use of cash/credit and payment terms, and how to apply learning curves in negotiations and contracting. Tools covered in this course include a strategic profit model, process mapping, value analysis and value engineering, forecasting techniques, and trade-off and break-even analysis. Earn 14 Continuing Education Hours.