ISM Academic Research Support Programs (Grants) — Four Phase Grants

ISM's program for annual research grants is designed to provide a career-long, multi-generational academic program closely related to the supply management profession.

Annual Timeline:

  • March 3, 2014 — Research proposals are due to ISM.
  • May 2014 — The ISM Educational Resources Committee (ERC) reviews submittals, determines if proposed projects are worthy of support and recommends grant awardees and grant funding to ISM. With ISM review and approval, awardees are notified on whether or not they were selected to receive a grant.

Grants are categorized into four phases (see list below). Each phase is a standalone grant. Click on the link for each phase for a complete description, which includes:

  • Phase Overview
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • Application Procedures

Program Phases:

Phase 1: The ISM Dissertation Research Grant
This grant phase encourages competitively selected doctoral students interested in supply management to develop and complete their dissertation research in supply management or closely related topics. Phase 1 grant recipients receive their award in two payments; the first half when they provide a written statement from the dissertation committee verifying that their research is approximately fifty percent (50%) completed, and the second half upon receipt at ISM of their completed, bound dissertation that has been accepted by the candidate's dissertation committee.

Note: For 2014, only applications for Phase 1 Dissertation Research Grants will be considered.

Phase 2: The Professional Research Development Grant
This grant phase is designed to support assistant and younger associate professors with terminal degrees that are teaching in the field a significant research track in supply management and associated areas.

Phase 3: The ISM Professional Research and Collaboration Grant
This phase is designed to support associate and new full professors with terminal degrees establish themselves as recognized authorities in the field.

Phase 4: The ISM Distinguished Leadership Grant
This grant phase recognizes and supports senior full professors to achieve even greater research, leadership and collaboration distinction in the academic research field.