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Buying the Law - Podcast

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Title: Buying the Law

Length: 7 minutes
Type: Solo


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Image of Silvia Hodges, Ph.D.

Silvia Hodges, Ph.D., specializes in international legal marketing and assists law firms to grow revenue and profits through sustainable business development and marketing initiatives. She also focuses on issues affecting cross-cultural decision-making. She currently researches the influence of procurement on the buying of legal services.

Hodges conducts seminars and workshops for law firms and research projects in the legal services sector. She regularly lectures and publishes on law firm marketing and management.

She teaches at Fordham Law School, where she has pioneered courses in law firm management, "Law Firm as a Business: Managing Lawyers, Clients and Career" and "Law Firm Marketing." In addition, she teaches "Professional Services Marketing" at Emerson College.

Hodges holds a master's degree in business and a bachelor's degree in economics. She studied at the Universität Bayreuth/Germany, Warwick University/U.K., and Emerson College in Brussels. She was awarded the Liam Glynn Research Scholarship of the Arizona State University's Center for Services Leadership and the Services Marketing Special Interest Group (SERVSIG) of the American Marketing Association, as well as a scholarship from the German Department of Education and Research.