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CAPS Research Benchmarking Report: Conflict Minerals Reporting Requirements - Podcast

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CAPS Report (PDF)

Title: CAPS Research Benchmarking Report: Conflict Minerals Reporting Requirements

Length: 8 minutes
Type: Solo


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CAPS Research

CAPS Research is the premier nonprofit research organization dedicated to supply and supply chain issues. Since 1986, CAPS Research has been providing thorough, practical research for our strategic-minded corporate sponsors and for the public.

Our research products and events are aimed at executives with strategic responsibilities for the supply/sourcing/procurement effort. In our global Roundtables, Best Practices Workshops, and Critical Issues Partnership Events, they engage in best-practices sharing; in our benchmarking, focus studies, and Practix reports, they see how they can measure their efforts; in Knowledge Central, they utilize the knowledge database and the tools to assess their own best practices and strategies.

For more information visit the CAPS Research website at www.capsresearch.org.

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