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Research in Supply Chain Management: Academic Insight for Managerial Relevance - Podcast

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Title: Research in Supply Chain Management: Academic Insight for Managerial Relevance

Length: 4 minutes
Type: Q&A


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Steven Carnovale Jr.

Steven Carnovale Jr. is a Ph.D. student and research assistant at Rutgers University Business School, Newark and New Brunswick, NJ. His primary research interests are in Social Network Theory, Graph Theoretic Applications in Supply Chain Management, Supplier Selection, Global Sourcing Strategies, Supplier Relationship Management and Econometric Modeling.

He is currently working on two complimentary streams of research. The first seeks to address the process of International Joint Venture and Strategic Alliance formation between firms in the global supply chain. This stream of research seeks to gain insights into the formation of business partnerships using the frameworks provided by the network theory. The goal is to formulate a new way for managers to make more insightful decisions about their sourcing partners.

The second stream of research aims to understand risk and risk management along the supply chain. Using graph theoretic constructs he and his co-authors are developing an analytically justifiable framework for risk management that takes into account various dimensions of risk and the consequences that these risks bear. The outcome is a robust risk assessment tool that can be applied to any supply chain, regardless of its industry or configuration.

Prior to his academic work he co-founded a marketing strategy and consulting firm, worked in the IT sector supplying technology services to state and local governments. He also worked in the Public Advocates Office in New York City.