Sustainability & Social Responsibility Conference

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November 6-7, 2008
Adelphi, MD

Thursday, November 6, 2008

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  • Sustainability & Supply Management: What's Going On and What Needs to Happen?
    This opening presentation sets the framework for the conference including practical definitions, why sustainability is important, activities in the marketplace and exclusive research on trends and priorities for organizations. Explore metrics, challenges and benefits, as well as guidance on action plans for moving forward. Look for key information to help you lead your organization through the new frontier of sustainability and supply management
    Dean Hillier | Partner | A.T. Kearney Inc

  • The Path to Becoming Carbon-Neutral (PDF - 7000MB)
    A sound and environmentally friendly supply chain is critical in today's business world. News Corporation is committed to addressing its impact on climate change and transforming the energy use of its businesses. Discover the steps News Corporation has taken to become carbon-neutral. From understanding the benefits, measuring its carbon footprint and impacting the supply chain, to successfully communicating to employees, the discussion includes the journey News Corporation is taking to achieve these goals.
    James E. Martin | Sr. Director Global Sourcing | News Corporation

  • The Greening of Yellowstone National Park
    This session explains the unique challenges of going green in the world's first national park. Yellowstone National Park has successfully implemented a myriad of sustainability initiatives that have been a model for the National Park Service (United States) and the tourism industry. Learn how the park effectively instituted sound environmental stewardship practices while hosting over three million visitors annually. Apply these best practices to your organization.
    Jim Evanoff | Environmental Protection Specialist | Yellowstone National Park

  • Greening the Supply Chain: Thinking Outside the Hive (PDF - 10000MB)
    Hear how Herman Miller, Inc., office furniture leader, set aggressive sustainability goals and how they are working to achieve them. Learn how this leading organization designs for the environment, taking a comprehensive approach to sustainability through product design. Discover how the supply chain is integrated into the process for reaching sustainability goals. Find out why supplier partnerships are critical and how you can build sustainability into your supply processes. Experience has shown that the Herman Miller team can turn a sticky situation into a win/win for both the environment and the bottomline.
    Drew Schramm | Sr. Vice President, Global Supply & Logistics | Herman Miller, Inc

  • Supply Chain Sustainability Through Collaborative Innovation at AT&T
    How do supply chain leaders respond effectively to global market drivers to implement sustainability best practices across multiple product and service streams. This panel presentation explores how innovative organizations integrate sustainable supply chain best practices into their overall sustainability strategy. Our work finds that sustainable supply chain deliverables are best established through a collaborative, interdisciplinary process that leverages key supply chain partnerships to enable equitable, dynamic and profitable solutions.
    Robert E. Boyle, III | Co-Leader, Global Strategic Sourcing — Energy & Environment | AT&T Services, Inc., Supply Chain and Fleet Operations

Friday, November 7, 2008

  • Big Blue Does Green — Sustainable Sourcing Solutions (PDF - 1000KB)
    Gain an insider's view of IBM's Big Green initiatives and approaches to sustainable sourcing and supply chain policies and practices. Look for a history of commitment and action, key methodologies and programs and their impact. Also offered in this session is an overview of the recent efforts from the ISM Committee on Sustainability and Social Responsibility which include current principles, recent survey data and focus items.
    Louis Ferretti | Director, Global Procurement, Center of Excellence for Environmental Compliance & Supply Chain Social Responsibility | IBM — Integrated Supply Chain

  • Indirect Procurement Game Plan: Developing a Sustainable Corporate Responsibility Program in Procurement
    A history lesson on corporate responsibility from powerhouse, Nike, Inc., including a look at the present state of affairs. This session also takes us through various indirect procurement challenges and the approaches that Nike use to reign successfully. Walk through the business case, business plan, deployment and metrics. Finally, discover the next steps to success.
    Sherrie Moomey | Category Manager | Nike, Inc.

  • Delivering Cost Savings and Environmental Improvement
    Learn how the Green Suppliers Network of the U.S. EPA and the Department of Commerce work with manufacturers to engage suppliers in low-cost technical reviews to identify strategies for improving process lines and using materials more efficiently. Discover how this resource can help you find customized solutions to your manufacturing challenges, save money and increase capacity and achieve additional savings and efficiencies beyond traditional lean techniques.
    Kristin Pierre | Manager, Green Suppliers Network | U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

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