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"Design for Savings" - Bridging the Strategic Sourcing and Savings Implementation Gap

Delivered February 28, 2013

Please Note: This Free Streaming Only web seminar is 60 minutes in length sponsored by Zycus.
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We talk about "design for engineering" and "design for manufacturing" in the industrial world. But what about "design for savings" implementation for procurement and sourcing? There is a lost savings epidemic running rampant inside far too many organizations today, yet bridging the strategic sourcing and savings implementation gap is not an art -- it's a science. It's one that requires rethinking how we define stakeholder and supplier engagement upfront, and it reinforces the need for the right set of technologies to get everyone on the same information playing field. Moreover, it requires proper communication and collaboration at all stages of the sourcing, contracting and implementation process.

This webinar will explore how to bridge the e-sourcing and savings implementation gap. It will explore the problem itself, delve into case examples (both manufacturing and non-manufacturing) and outline how companies can use e-sourcing, budget tracking, collaboration and other specialized technologies to maximize their chances of delivering a true "design for savings" strategic sourcing approach.

You will learn:

  • The science behind "Bridging the Strategic Sourcing & Saving Implementation Gap"
  • The role of technology as an enabler in delivering a true "design for savings" strategic sourcing approach
  • The importance of collaboration at all stages of the sourcing, contracting and implementation process


  • Jason Busch
    Spend Matters, Executive Editor
    Azul Partners, Managing Director

  • Shailendra Singh Rao
    Product Manager


  • John Yuva
    Editor, Inside Supply Management®
    Institute for Supply Management

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