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Seminar #4375
October 2 - 3, 2014
Pittsburgh, PA

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This session provides an overview of the steps you must master to properly contract for services, from the initial bid to performance. You'll learn what your contract should cover and focus on the key legal issues of dealing with services providers. You'll also delve into a broad range of contracts, including engineering services, consulting services, construction services, Software as a Service, repetitive services and professional services.

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You Will Learn...
  • Important laws affecting services
  • The bidding process
  • Contract essentials for services
  • Negotiating services contracts
  • Learn how to properly protect your company
  • Types of service agreements
  • Services checklist
  • Sample contracts, scope of work and negotiation toolbox
You Will Earn...

14 continuing education hours

Course Outline
  1. Common law vs. UCC; Agency law; Time and materials; Construction law; Course of dealing; Course of performance and usage of the trade
  2. Bidding services; Scope of work; Bidding documents
  3. Top 15 contract clauses for services and how to negotiate; Including limitation of liability, price, indemnification, insurance, quality, warranty, remedy, order of precedence and date of completion; What clauses can be standardized across all services agreements; Mistakes to avoid in services contracts
  4. How to properly change the scope of work; What if work has started before the contract is signed?; How to manage time lines and milestones; What does a project manager really do?; What is the proper amount to withhold until completion?; How do you know what you wanted?; How to properly use reports to track a project and ensure it is on time and budget
  5. How to properly protect the company; Confidentiality; Work for hire; Intellectual property; Non-competition; Data protection; When to contract individual services providers
  6. Service agreements; Construction; Professional services including engineering, consulting, legal, accounting and back-office services; Software as a Service; Repetitive services such as janitorial, lawn services and security services
  7. Templates: sample contracts, scope of work and negotiation toolbox

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Hotel Information

Marriott Pittsburgh City Center
112 Washington Place

Pittsburgh, PA 15219

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