Service Agreements - Scope, Performance and Payment

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

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Time: 10:00 AM PDT | 12:00 PM CDT | 1:00 PM EDT

Service Agreements are difficult to negotiate even for the most experienced purchasing professional. This session will provide attendees with a framework for examining service agreements. Negotiation tips will be given to attendees along with sample contract language. A variety of services will be addressed including professional services, software as a service and construction services. Attendees will learn how to work with a scope of work and where to contractually focus their time and efforts.

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Presented by:

Mark Grieco
Senior Partner
Grieco & Scalera, PA

Mark Grieco, J.D., MBA, is an attorney, a member of the Florida Bar, and senior partner at Grieco & Scalera, PA, a firm specializing in contracts, software, corporate, real estate, trusts and estates, family law, intellectual property and insurance litigation. In addition to his law practice, Mr. Grieco is a world-wide lecturer in the field of contract law, legal negotiations, software agreements and purchasing. He has been an educator for ISM for over 13 years. He has taught business professionals for such diverse companies as Disney, FP&L, Holcim, Sony, Kodak, Oracle, Coca Cola, and GE. He also works with companies to standardize contracts and teaches in-house courses.

Mr. Grieco has an undergraduate degree in business and an MBA from Texas Tech University and a Juris Doctor degree from Quinnipiac University. He has published two books — one on divorce, titled Divorce: a four letter word and another book on contracts, entitled Purchasing Contract Law, UCC & Patents. He is working on his third book and has just finished a course covering over 100 contract terms and conditions.

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