Uncovering and Managing Supplier and Supply Chain Risks

Thursday, February 13, 2014

As companies expand their sources of supply from local to global, it is inevitable that the level of risk in the supply will increase. Coupled with this, supply chains are becoming more complex and thus the risk incurred grows cumulatively. So how can companies benefit from the advantages of a global supply chain and yet not expose themselves to dangerous levels of risk? One way is to uncover, manage and mitigate risk at a supplier and supply chain level. Learn how IBM is uncovering and managing risk across its global supply chain comprised of 100s of companies in over 50 countries. See how IBM is using various tools and data analytics to uncover supplier and supply chain risk.

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Presented by:

Louis R. Ferretti
Project Executive
Integrated Supply Chain

Lou is a project executive in IBM's Integrated Supply Chain organization and manages Product Environmental Compliance and Supply Chain Social Responsibility. He also has oversight for the development and implementation of:

  • Supply Chain Social Responsibility
  • Product Environmental Compliance
  • Supplier Risk Management Tools and Processes, and
  • Business Continuity Planning

In May 2011, IBM received the Institute of Supply Management's R. Gene Richter Supply Chain Excellence Award for Sustainability, the first time this award has been presented. This award recognized IBM's leadership in supply chain social responsibility and product environmental compliance work. In October 2011, IBM's Total Risk Assessment Tool was recognized by an Innovation Finalist Award presented by the Council of Supply Chain Management and Professionals.

Lou is IBM's project executive responsible for developing and driving these global and strategic programs across IBM's ISC as well as externally across their global supply base. As a result of this work, Lou is frequently called upon by IBM's client representatives and consulting teams to share with external clients how IBM has been able to develop, implement and benefit from these industry leading programs.

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