Preparing to Negotiate On-Shore and Offshore - Program Outline

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Preliminary Program Outline

Note: This outline is subject to change before the broadcast.

Segment 1: Elements of a Great Negotiation

  1. What are negotiations?
  2. Skills of great negotiators

Segment 2: The Science of Negotiations

  1. Understanding price and non-price elements
  2. Setting the negotiations strategy
  3. Cross-border complexity and considerations in strategy development
  4. Generating competitive rivalry
  5. The negotiation process
  6. Contingency plans

Segment 3: The Art of Negotiations

  1. The ideal mindset for negotiating
  2. Negotiations site and other logistics considerations
  3. Ethics: Integrity-based negotiations
  4. Cultural differences in offshore negotiations
  5. Key elements for negotiation success

Segment 4: What to Watch Out For and Locking it Down

  1. Managing internal stakeholders
  2. Highly constrained negotiations
  3. Classic negotiating tactics and their counters
  4. 360-degree price negotiations
  5. The contract is key
  6. Electronic negotiation

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