Supply Management's Role in Sustainability - Program Outline

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Preliminary Program Outline

Note: This outline is subject to change before the broadcast.

Segment 1: What is Sustainability?
  • Why are we talking about this?
  • Sustainability terminology
  • How social responsibility and sustainability are interrelated
  • Sustainability survey findings
Segment 2: Implementing a Program within Your Organization
  • Building a Business Case
  • Sustainability options: environment, finance and other areas
  • Audits and measurements
  • Establishing policies and goals
  • Green procurement strategies
  • Resources
Segment 3: Working with Suppliers to Implement Sustainability Practices
  • Identifying sustainability in products and services
  • Compliance measurements
  • Contract provisions
Segment 4: What's Next?
  • Tracking results
  • Sustainability communications: Key Performance Indicators
  • Stakeholder expectations
  • Sustainability initiatives: attracting talent and gaining recognition
  • Globalization and other issues to consider
  • How can you get involved?
  • Lessons learned

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