Market Intelligence For Supply Professionals

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Preliminary Program Outline

Note: This outline is subject to change before the broadcast.

Segment 1:  What is Market Intelligence?
  • What is market intelligence?
  • Using market intelligence in category strategy development
  • Elements of building a supply market intelligence program
  • What are the biggest sources of risk that intelligence should focus on?
Segment 2:  A Closer Look: Implementing Market Intelligence
  • Types of information required for market intelligence
  • How often should this information be updated?
  • Cost information required for market intelligence
  • Risks of poor intelligence
  • Using market intelligence in negotiation and supplier relationships
Segment 3:  Impact of Market Intelligence
  • How are the markets reacting to market intelligence?
  • What are the biggest risks in the supply chain from a Wall Street perspective?
  • What do analysts believe the greatest risks are in the supply chain?
  • Regulatory Issues
  • Ethics and Proprietary Information
Segment 4:  Converting Market Intelligence Ideas into Action
  • Using market intelligence to achieve competitive advantage
  • Getting executive buy-in into the concept
  • How to use the information gathered
  • What happens when we don't have the information?
  • Challenges