Supply Management's Role in Sustainability

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

The topic of "sustainability" has leapt into corporate boardrooms, raising questions of the company's social responsibility and environmental practice, policies and decision-making. Questions find their way to supply management and challenge us to explore how our companies and our suppliers are dealing with sustainability. The program looks at sustainability elements across contract language, supplier assessments and audits, regulations, reporting requirements and compliance. It will also cover how to keep management informed on sustainability — and the supply manager's role in addressing these issues.

Who should attend?

This satellite seminar is designed for all levels of supply management professionals from manufacturing, service, or public sector organizations who are concerned with creating and implementing sustainable as well as socially responsible policies in their organizations and their supply chains. It will also be useful to professionals in other areas of the organization who are interested in or are participating in social responsibility or sustainability programs in their organizations.

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