The Business Case for Diversity in a Social Responsibility Context

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

While the concept of diversity is not new, it has become more complex and reaches into all layers of the organization. Over time, diversity management in business has transitioned from an emphasis on "achieving the numbers" into an essential business strategy. Commitment to opportunities for a diverse supplier base and commitment to a diverse workforce are key components to attracting the best suppliers and employees while ensuring business success. Discussion topics will include building goals and measurements across the organization, how supply managers play a key role in encouraging supplier commitment to diversity programs, and what a model program might look like.

Who should attend? This satellite seminar is designed for individuals with responsibility for or who participate in Supply Chain, Supplier Diversity, Workforce Diversity and Supplier Relations. It will also be useful to professionals in Purchasing and Supply, Strategic Sourcing, Contract Administration or Materials Management who are interested in how to initiate and/or maintain a diversity program in their organizations.

Program Outline

Segment 1: Diversity Background
  1. Why Focus On Diversity?
  2. The Changing Workforce
  3. The Value of Diversity
  4. Diversity in the Workforce
  5. Priorities for Diversity Management
  6. Diversity in Supply Management
Segment 2: Supply Chain Management Role in Diversity
  1. Keys to a Successful Process
  2. Gaining Executive Support
  3. Business Objectives & Goal Setting
  4. Competitive Advantage
  5. Education and Resources
  6. Resources
  7. ISM's Commitment to Diversity
Segment 3: Goals and Measurement of Supplier Diversity
  1. Goals - organizations, departments and individual
  2. Accountability
  3. Measurements
    • Standardization
    • Using Technology
  4. Recognizing Accomplishments
Segment 4: How to Achieve a Successful Diversity Process
  1. Development of Diversity Suppliers' Core Competencies
  2. Supplier Diversity Involvement
  3. Best Practices

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