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Onsite Seminar

Services Purchasing

Services Purchasing

You Will Learn
  • How to identify and prioritize the Critical Success Factors (CSF) necessary to develop a coordinated multi-organizational contract for purchasing of services.
  • Use of the consensus-decision techniques designed to accommodate individual requirements into a collective RFQ.
  • Threshold leveling tools to create minimum acceptance service standards for service providers (suppliers).
  • Establish the requirement documents to pre-screen and pre-qualify service providers.
  • Prioritize and weight the service performance factors to insure each participating organizational entity in the contracting process is recognized and fulfilled.
  • Create an electronic web-based format for RFQs.
  • Methods for analyzing and ranking responses to the RFQ.
  • Conduct collective coordinated contractual negotiations.
  • Develop a service providers "scorecard" for performance monitoring, incentives, penalties, and improvements.
Course Outline
  1. The scope and potential for services purchasing - opportunity analysis based on company case studies.
  2. How to establish an expenditure baseline for services, including expenditures for travel, transportation, information technology, legal, insurance, health benefits, professional services, consulting, and advertising.
  3. How does services purchasing differ from material purchases.
  4. The course will follow a six-step program for results:
    1. User requirements definition.
    2. Current environment assessment.
    3. Benchmarks from successful companies.
    4. Gap analysis and opportunity identification.
    5. Gaining user acceptance of action plans.
    6. Coordinated implementation and management of the contractual relationship.
  5. How to monitor performance.
Who should attend?

Purchasing and supply management professionals who want to gain a competitive edge through coordination of the services expenditures including sourcing and reducing costs and improving value from service providers; professionals involved in managing the functional requirements for services, and all facets of business partnerships; business strategy builders, and professionals responsible for providing services.

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