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Onsite Seminar

Legal Concepts and Contracting

Understanding the Differences and Similarities of the UCC and the CISG as it Impacts Supply Chains in the Global Economy

You Will Learn
  • Diverse aspects of domestic (U.S.) and international purchasing law including when a contract should be created under the UCC or the CISG
  • The major variations and distinctions in the UCC or the CISG
  • To understand and identify risks inherent with domestic and international purchases
  • How the essential elements of a contract can vary in the international marketplace
  • How performance and breach vary for international business transactions
  • The nature of agency and its relationship in the global marketplace
  • Issues of negligence and products liability in the international transaction
  • How strict liability is applied
Course Outline
  1. Common Law, UCC and CISG: General provisions of global trade and treaties; Minimizing contractual risks in supply contracts with opt-out clauses.
  2. Contract Formation/Mutual Assent: Offers and revocation with individual requirements applied for Common Law, UCC and CISG
  3. Contract Formation/Mutual Assent: Acceptance with individual requirements applied for Common Law, UCC and CISG
  4. Formalities: Writing requirements of the contract
  5. Performance breach and remedies with individual requirements applied for Common Law, UCC and CISG
  6. The nature of the agency relationship in an international contract, both in formation and termination
  7. Warranties, negligence and products liability
  8. Case examples and tools to take back to the supply manager's office
Who Should Attend

This session is designed for global purchasing or supply professionals, managers, contracting officers, project managers, other sourcing professionals and those involved with the acquisition and delivery of goods from global trading partners.

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