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Onsite Seminar

Technology and Innovation

e-Purchasing Benefits and Risks

  1. Introduction
    1. The new direction in acquisitions for the future

  2. e-Purchasing Environment
    1. Why purchasing must change
    2. Comparison and contrast of old and new methods
    3. Identify the savings
    4. The new business models being created
    5. Comparing e-business, e-purchasing and e-commerce
    6. Advantages for purchasing
    7. The evolution of e-commerce
    8. Putting new flair in your purchasing

  3. Evolution of the Internet
    1. The World Wide Web
    2. History of the Internet
    3. Hardware and software modifications
    4. Using database applications in purchasing
    5. ERP software
    6. Electronic Data Interchange
    7. e-Purchasing systems
    8. Intranets and Extranets
    9. e-Purchasing training

  4. Evolution of the Purchasing System
    1. Purchasing-from transaction to a model of efficiency
    2. Traditional business cycle
    3. The new purchasing cycle
    4. e-purchasing and Internet based technologies
    5. e-Purchasing business models
      1. Sell-side systems
      2. Buy-side systems
    6. Purchasing's Buy-side system
    7. Third-party bid/auction providers
    8. On-line bidding
    9. Reverse auctions
    10. Consortium Providers
    11. Questions to ask before starting e-Purchasing

  5. e-Purchasing Plus
    1. What is e-Purchasing Plus
    2. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
    3. What are the dynamics of ERP?
    4. How will these enhance purchasing?
    5. The Internet and procurement
    6. Internet buying standards

  6. Supply Chain and e-Purchasing Plus
    1. The integrated supply chain model
    2. Combining SCM and e-Purchasing
    3. Review a traditional supply chain and an e-supply chain
    4. Opportunities and changes that must be made

  7. Implementing e-Purchasing into Your Organization
    1. Organizational readiness
    2. Establishing the management environment
    3. Understanding purchasing's customers and their needs
    4. Determining the purchasing's strategies
    5. Does technology drive the strategy?
    6. Is e-Purchasing right for us?

  8. Implementing e-Purchasing into Production Buying
    1. Case studies:
      1. Source selection
      2. Web auctions/ negotiations
      3. Contracting and Ordering

  9. Implementing e-Purchasing into Non-Production Buying
    1. Case studies:
      1. Multiple catalogs and suppliers
      2. Non-production purchases
      3. Low dollar purchasing
      4. Transforming a manual purchasing system
      5. MRO Supplies

  10. Lessons Learned from Implementing e-Purchasing
    1. Commitment
    2. Objectives
    3. People and Organizations
    4. Planning
    5. e-Purchasing plus

  11. ERP Vision and Reality
    1. Benefits and problems
    2. Deployment strategy
    3. Putting the project team together

  12. Realizing the Benefits
    1. ERP expectations compared to actual gains
    2. Benefits of ERP

  13. e-Purchasing plus Software Products

  14. Future of e-Purchasing
    1. What's the future hold?
    2. Purchasing in the future
    3. Rise of the Net-Generation

  15. Conclusion

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