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Onsite Seminar

Strategic Supply Management

Competitive Market Analysis for Supply Chain Managers

  1. Introduction
    1. The Marketplace Profile
    2. Understanding a Dynamic Market
    3. How the Marketplace Impacts the Pricing

  2. Critique of the Market Drivers
    1. Supply/Demand
    2. Profile of the Marketplace
    3. Global Market Issues
    4. Upside/Downside Effects

  3. Key Issues and Market Focus
    1. Where's the Organization Currently?
    2. What Options are Available in the Marketplace?
    3. How Best can the Organization Adopt to the Marketplace?
    4. What Methods can be Applied to Embrace the Market Changes?

  4. Level One - Platform Foundational Questions
    1. Organizational Structure
    2. How is the Strategy Process Structured
    3. Organization Environmental Influence
    4. Competitive Advantages
    5. Auditing Resources
    6. Financial Performance

  5. Data Collection Methods and Applications
    1. Sources of Data
    2. Standardized Sourcing of the Marketplace
    3. Types of Marketing Research
    4. Informative, Quantitative & Observable Research
    5. Sampling Files
      • Fundamentals
      • Sample Sizes
      • Statistical Theory

  6. Data Analysis Methods
    1. Fundamentals of Data Analysis
    2. Primary Methods Employed in SCM
    3. Hypothesis Testing
      • Basic Concepts
      • Means and Proportions
      • Other Quantifiable Tools

  7. Specific Topics of Data Analysis
    1. Correlation Analysis
    2. Regression Analysis
    3. Discrimination Methodologies
    4. Canonical Analysis
    5. Factors and Clusters Analysis
    6. Scaling and Cojoint Analysis

  8. How Competitive Analysis Impacts the Supply Chain
    1. Where We are Today
    2. Where We are Going
    3. What is the Marketplace Risk Areas
      • Construction
      • Computer Supplies
      • Commodities

  9. Creating a CMA/CI Department Inside Your SCM Department
    1. Plans
    2. Personnel
    3. Procedures
    4. Commodities/Services
    5. Creating the Database

  10. Where the Marketplace is Headed in the Future?
    1. Protecting the Supply Chain
    2. Taking the Offensive with Market Data
    3. Using Reward-Risk Analysis to Increase Supply Value

  11. Conclusion

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