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Onsite Seminar

Public Sector Supply Management

Foundations in FAR Based Acquisitions

  1. Introduction
    1. Overview of Controlled Purchasing
    2. Dynamics of Federal Acquisition Regulations
    3. Understanding the Environment and Changes

  2. The Acquisition Basics
    1. Differences in Private versus Public Acquisitions
    2. Focus of the New FAR Applications
    3. Risk Potentials to an Organization or Agency

  3. FAR Acquisition Basics
    1. Definitions
    2. Foundations of Basic Acquisitions
    3. Legal/Contract Basis
    4. The Process Flow of the Simplified Purchase
    5. The Roles of the Contracting Parties
    6. Ethics in Acquisitions
    7. Steps in the Cycle

  4. Source Selection and Evaluation
    1. Identifying the Potential Sources of Supply
    2. Qualifying the Best Sources
    3. Special Vendor Considerations
      1. HUBs
      2. 8-A's
      3. Other Socio-Economic Programs
    4. Market Research
    5. Required Documentation
    6. e-Commerce Considerations
    7. Required Sources
    8. Buying Through Government Agencies
    9. Other Sources of Supply

  5. The Open Market Tapestry
    1. Foundations and Standards
    2. Policy
    3. Procedures
    4. Publication and Notices
    5. How to Properly Handle Quotes
    6. Evaluation Standards for Vendor Tenders
    7. Team Evaluations and Technical Presentations
    8. Negotiating with Vendors
    9. Creating a Effective and Proper Communications Conduit

  6. Simplified Acquisitions Process
    1. Understanding the Approved Process
    2. The Dynamic Flow Process Map
    3. Use of the Purchase Card
    4. Blanket Purchase Agreements
    5. Purchase Order Forms
    6. Standard Invoice Flows
    7. The Approved Voucher Process
    8. Contract Types to Employ
      1. Comparison and Contrast Contract Matrix
      2. Upside and Downside
      3. Benefits to the Various Parties
    9. Payment Processes
      1. Types of Payments
      2. Upside and Downside
      3. Benefits to the Various Parties

  7. Supplies and Materials Purchases
    1. Defining the Customers Needs
    2. Creating a Well Developed Specification
    3. 508 Requirements
    4. Evaluation Criteria for a Service Provider
    5. Contract Types to Employ

  8. Service Contracting
    1. Defining the Customers Needs
    2. Creating a well Defined PSOW
    3. Evaluation Criteria for a Service Provider
    4. Contract Types to Employ

  9. Construction Purchasing
    1. Defining the Customers Needs
    2. Evaluation Criteria for a Contractor
    3. Critical Issues and Concerns in Construction Acquisitions
    4. Contract Types to Employ

  10. Contract Management and Administration
    1. Creating an Effective Management System
    2. Employing a Six-Sided Plan
    3. Managing/Modifying/Cancellation/Termination
    4. Project Management's Connection to Contract Administration
    5. Legal Concerns in Breach and Default
    6. Task and Delivery Orders
    7. Best Practice Techniques to Employ

  11. FAR Regulations
    1. Other New FAR Requirements

  12. Conclusion

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