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Onsite Seminar

Risk Management and Compliance

Foundations in Commodity Risk Management

  1. Introduction
    1. Overview of Commodity Markets
    2. How Risk Plays a Portion of Application

  2. The Management of Commodity Risks and Futures
    1. Definitions
    2. How the Process Works
    3. The Commodity Marketplace
    4. Options in the Market
    5. Understanding the Risks and Their Results
    6. Managing Risk

  3. Commodity Markets and Their Workings
    1. Segmenting the Marketplace
    2. How the Markets Work
    3. Commodity Futures Contracts
    4. Futures Positions
    5. Options Within the Commodity Futures
    6. Options Terminology
    7. Options and Their Types
    8. Exchange Traded Agreements
    9. Styles of Options
    10. Segmenting Options
    11. Exercising Commodity Options
    12. The Valuation of Options
    13. Checklist for Options Trading

  4. Commodity Futures Exchanges
    1. Types and Categories of Exchanges
    2. How the Commodity Futures Exchanges
    3. Advantages and Disadvantages of Future Exchanges
    4. Margin Requirement Standards
    5. Credit Risk
    6. Order Strategies in the Future Markets
    7. Highlight Checklist

  5. How the Marketplace Functions
    1. How the Marketplace Functions
    2. Understanding Market Information
    3. Carrying Cost
    4. The Relationship to Price

  6. Hedging Commodity Futures and Options
    1. Defining the Hedging Process
    2. Understanding Commodity Risk
    3. Buying Hedge Using Futures
    4. Long Futures Hedge
    5. Hedge Buying Using Options and Long Options
    6. Synthetic Long calls
    7. Article

  7. Hedging the Commodity Futures and Options
    1. Selling the Hedge
      1. Future Contracts
      2. Inverse Markets
      3. Normal Markets
      4. Short Functions
      5. Long Puts
    2. Comparison and Contrast

  8. Commodity Risk Management
    1. Defining Risk
    2. How to Define Risk in the Commodity Markets
    3. Assessing and Analyzing Risk
    4. Selecting the Right Hedge Tool
    5. Team Strategy for the Organization
    6. What the Future Holds
    7. Management Aims and Goals for the Organization
    8. Group Exercise

  9. Worksheet and Graphics

  10. Summary

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