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Onsite Seminar

Legal Concepts and Contracting

How Letters of Intent Can be Employed in Supply Management

  1. Introduction
    1. What is a Letter of Intent (LOI)
    2. How the LOI has Increased in Usage

  2. Understanding the Letter of Intent
    1. Reasons to Use a Letter of Intent
    2. Reasons Not to Use a Letter of Intent
    3. Situations Requiring their Usage

  3. Diagrams of the Letter of Intent
    1. Requirements of the LOI — Legal Perspective
    2. Understanding the Intent of the Parties
    3. Parole Evidence Rules
    4. Fraud Statutes

  4. Is the LOI Binding or Non-Binding
    1. Comparison and Contrast
      1. Binding Contract Specifics
        1. Statement to be Bound
        2. Clauses in the Document
        3. Earlier Conveyance or Representations
        4. Actions and Events
        5. Conduct of Contract Parties
        6. Terms
      2. Non-Binding Contract Specifics
        1. Clear Statement of Non-Binding Effects
        2. Actions Indicate a Lack of Intent
        3. Lack of Material Terms
        4. Subsequent Agreement to Agree

  5. Negotiation of the Letter of Intent (LOI)
    1. Clauses to Negotiate
    2. Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith
    3. No-Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith

  6. Checklist for Drafting Letter of Intent
    1. Master Checklist
    2. Binding Provisions
    3. Non-Binding Provisions

  7. Sample LOI Forms
    1. Binding Forms
    2. Non-Binding Forms

  8. Conclusion

  9. Article

  10. Instructor's Biography

  11. Notes

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