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Whether your team needs to transform your global procurement strategy or establish a foundation of knowledge, ISM Services offers the specific tools you need to achieve greater profitability, enhanced staff competencies and sustainable cost improvements.

Our mission is to create substantial and sustainable improvements in value for our clients by delivering high quality, tailored procurement and supply chain solutions for their business needs.

The opportunities we offer include:

  • Competency gap analysis for global teams, leading to tailored and targeted training and development programs using blended solutions
  • Baseline studies, assessments and current-state analysis that identify key areas of improvement
  • Identification and implementation of key category strategies to generate value and contain costs
  • Evaluation, analysis and mitigation strategies to manage supply chain risks
  • Organizational transformation for efficiency and effectiveness
  • End-to-end solutions from assessment to training to delivering results

DIAGNOSTICS — Pinpointing opportunities for success
The ISM Services' team of dedicated practitioner instructors and consultants work collaboratively with organizations from a holistic rather than an ad hoc or one-size-fits all approach to identify opportunities, savings and efficiencies. We offer a number of modular and flexible diagnostics and tools including:

  • Current State Analysis (CSA) — a baseline review of your procurement and supply chain management organization, recommendations to strengthen weaknesses and capitalize on strengths, and an assessment of the opportunity and return from improved planning, sourcing and program recommendations.
  • Opportunity Analysis — a complementary tool to CSA that assesses the extent of cost improvement potential within a business.
  • Development Needs Analysis (ADR DNA™) — a tool through our partner, ADR North America, which identifies the competency profile of selected job roles, pinpoints the development needs, and provides the foundation and focus to develop training.
  • Return on Supply Management Assets (ROSMASM) — a self-assessment survey to benchmark an organization's current performance levels with financial metrics that appeal to both the CFO and CEO.
  • Supplier Risk Index a tool which measures your supply chain risk to identify specific areas of concern. Through our partnership with Ethisphere Institute, we can help you identify potential supply disruptions — including disasters, and ethics, compliance and sustainability issues — to keep your business running and protect your brand.
  • Benchmarking — benchmark data against best practices in procurement and supply chain management provided through CAPS Research.

LEARNING — Targeted and tailored, delivered globally
As a result of using ISM Services' analytical tools you now have a good understanding of the competency gaps and knowledge needs of the overall organization as well as those of each individual. The ISM School for Supply Management can create a blended approach of onsite and remote learning to close those gaps.

The ISM School works around the world in multiple languages. Its instructors have hands-on experience and a proven track record of solving complex supply management challenges. ISM School offers:

  • Onsite Training and Development Programs using an action-learning format designed to embed learning through tools, templates and techniques that provide immediate transference of knowledge to the workplace.
  • E-Learning using more than 100 online, self-paced courses, many of which are used as pre-work for onsite training programs.
  • Desk Top Learning such as webinars for geographically dispersed groups, also often used as pre-work for onsite training programs.
  • Certified Professional in Supply Management® (CPSM®) Certification review classes for the leading certification for procurement and supply chain management professionals globally.

RESULTS — Enabling transformational change
Using a variety of our transformational tools, the ISM Services team will collaborate with your team to improve processes, implement best practices and optimize your organizational structure with the end goal of achieving superior performance.

Our Organizational Performance Transformation efforts are client specific and include one or any combination of:

  • Aligning supply management with organizational objectives
  • Creating a 3 - 5 year strategic plan
  • Establishing best practices in corporate ethics and sustainability
  • Risk planning and mitigation
  • Revising or writing policy

Our Key Category Sourcing Strategies implement category management tools, techniques and methods to establish common processes, improve supply management effectiveness, reduce cost and increase value.

Our targeted policy, procedure and technology improvements drive cash flow and profitability to achieve Procure-to-Pay Performance Improvement.

Our highly coordinated and collaborative sales and operations planning capability, S&OP Excellence, will enable better and quicker business decisions.

Our Corporate Certification Program encourages clients to review industry best practices and perform at least in the norm for their industry, according to CAPS Research benchmark data, and pass an audit.

We'll coach your staff in applying the skills, tools and templates they acquired in training and apply them to real-life work situations.

Call or email us today to learn how ISM Services can help you enhance the value and performance of your entire supply chain organization.

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