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Presentation Materials for the ISM2014 International Supply Management Conference

ISM2014 International Supply Management Conference
May 5-7, 2014
Las Vegas, NV

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SUNDAY, May 4, 2014

ZA — Navigating and Networking ISM2014 (1,267KB)
Sharon L. Hauht, CPSM, C.P.M.

MONDAY, May 5, 2014

NEG — Loose Lips Sink Companies and Your Negotiations! How to Stop Back Door Selling (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Robert M. Benedict

FIN1 — Assessing Financial Health: The Key Concepts and Measures (3,729 KB) & (2,078KB)
Joe Knight, MBA

AA — Perfect Strangers: The Unseen Benefits of Developing Diverse Mentoring Relationships (1,136KB)
Rad Dockery
Dr. Helen Eckmann
Eric Williams III, MBA, C.P.M.

AB — The Wild, Wild East ... China, Consumer Electronics, and the Innovator's Dilemma (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Michael Jacobson

AC — Fires, Floods and Fraud, Oh My! — Reducing Risk in your Global Supply Chain (489 KB)
Rick Pay

AD — The Personal Development Plan: A Foundation for Career Growth (814KB)
Part 2 (251KB)
Jami Bliss, CPSM, C.P.M.
Jill Bossi, C.P.M.

AE — Help for Starving Professionals (1,193KB)
Charlie Colon, MBA

AF — Boardroom Financials: Translating the Supply Chain Results Upstream (1,797KB)
Craig Reed, CPSM
James Ezell

AG — Supplier Diversity: What's In It for Me and My Company? (1,321KB)
Brenda Smith, CPSM, CPSD
Rainey Alben

AH — Shifts in Population and the Impact on Global Supply Chains (Not Available)
Erik R. Peterson

AI — Predictive Risk Modeling (2,914KB)
Robert Smola

AJ — Using Social Media in indirect Spend (2,676KB)
Curtis McEntire
Joe Walsh

AK — Successfully Negotiating using Travel Program KPI's (Not Available)
Bruce Finch
Bradley Seitz

AL — X-Ray Your Suppliers (Use 5 Simple Tools to Measure Their Financial Health) (9,539KB)
Daniel Feiman, MBA, CMC

BA — The Search for Excellence in Procurement Stakeholder Relationship Management (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Bernd Huber, Ph.D.
David Natoff

BB — From Wikis to Whitepapers: Brand Yourself by Leveraging Social Media and Other Resources (1,524)
Kimberly Cullen
Dr. Helen Eckmann
Sheena Moore, MA

BC — Just the facts? Supply Chain Evaluation for Growth Through Acquisition (2,488KB)
Daron Riebe

BD — Performance-Based Statements of Work (SOWs): Maximize Supplier Performance (1,102KB)
Merle Roberts, CPSM, C.P.M., A.P.P.

BE — Making Talent Management Initiatives Stick (2,175KB)
Michael Forbes, CPSM, MCIPS
Elizabeth Green, CPSM, PMI-RMP
Ron Pence, CPSM, C.P.M.

BF — The Elusive Creature Known as the "High Performing Organization" (3,392KB)
Jeff Scott

BG — Secrets of the C Suite: What They Didn't Tell Me (No Presentation Used)
R. David Nelson, C.P.M., A.P.P.

BH — Global Logistics Sourcing — Simplified (1,380KB)
Mark Chadwick

BI — The Impact of Regulatory Issues on the Future of Supply Management (No Presentation Used)
Jennifer Diggins
Collis Jones, Jr.

BJ — Spend Analysis Meets Big Data: A Checklist for New Procurement Analytics (1,661KB)
Jason Busch

FIN2 — Finance from the CPO Perspective (3,729KB) & (586KB)
Joseph Knight, MBA

LEAD — Leadership: Challenge, Inspire, Empower (No Presentation Used)
Debra Benton

CA — Choosing your Winning Hand: Identifying the best Levers to Drive Total Value of Ownership through your Procurement Initiatives (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Jorge Chamot
Jonathan Lively, CPSM
Meghan Truchan, CPSM

CB — All Roads Lead To...? Advancing Your Career With the Right Set of Skills (1,658KB)
Andrew Bartolini
Anthony Humphrey, CPSM
Gary Stoddard

CC — New Product Development: Emerging Value Role Supply Management (914KB)
Chris Richard

CD — How to Decide if you should reshore or offshore (1,988KB)
Harry Moser

CE — Career Development: The Focus is You (No Presentation Used)
Syreeta Adkins, CPIM
Stephanie Bedard
Tim Fiore, CPSM, C.P.M.
Tania Santiago-Mirabal
Sue Vrzak, C.P.M.

CF — Reflections from the Top — This is Success (1,201KB)
Jo Hunt, DTM, C.P.M.

CG — Current World Events: A Supply Chain Point of View (No Presentation Used)
Rick Quinn
Ron Washington

CH — Using Macroeconomic indicators to drive procurement decision-making (1,500KB)
Lisa Reisman

CI — Turning Data Into a Business Advantage: Through Optimization (11,790KB)
Jack Levis

CJ — The Secrets to 'All Talent, No Risk' Social Sourcing and Selection (1,880KB)
Debra Bergevine
Jacquelyn Richardson
Tracy White

CK — Strategic Supplier Relationship Management — Moving Beyond the Tactical (624KB)
Larry Giunipero, Ph.D., CPSM, CPSD
Christopher Silva, C.P.M., CPSM, CPIM

CL — Intel's Journey to Conflict Free Microprocessors (623KB)
Bryan Fiereck

TUESDAY, May 6, 2014

COM — Conflict Minerals (2,944KB)
Jay Celorie, MCE
Patricia Jurewicz, MBA
Rose Kelly-Falls, MSM, CPSM
Michael Littenberg, J.D.

CON1 — Contracting for Services: Professional Services, Construction and Software as a Service (3,378KB)
*If you would like to obtain the handouts used in this class, send a message to tmatthews@ism.ws
Mark Grieco, MBA, J.D.

DA — Agents in the Matrix: Using Stakeholder Language to Source Effectively (892KB)
Rad Dockery
Christie Sturges
Douglas Truchan, CPSM

DB — Winner of Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply (809KB)
Sarah Coulter
Paul Walker

DC — Growing the Bottom Line through Supply Chain Management (3,980KB)
James Mulready

DD — Formulating a Global supply strategy (Not Available)
Shawn Casemore, C.P.M.

DE — Global Travel Procurement — Is it time? (1,420KB)
Barbara Holcomb, C.P.M.
Pam McTeer, C.P.M., CPC, CCTE

DF — How to Successfully Outsource a Supply Chain Function (1,612KB)
Milton Whitfield

DG — The Virtual Team: How to Engage, Optimize and Inspire from Afar (1,348KB)
Paul Sheridan
Tom Sheridan

DH — Heightened Performance and Advancement by ISM Education in a Global Company (1,478KB)
John Long

DI — The Future: Creating Professional Intelligence Now to Ensure Long-Range Success! (No Presentation Used)
Beverly Gaskin, CPSM
Elizabeth Green, CPSM, PMI-RMP
R. David Nelson, C.P.M., A.P.P.
Joseph Sandor, C.P.M., CPIM
Shelley Stewart, CPSM

DJ — Getting In Front of Demand — Ensuring a Rigorous Sourcing Event That Includes Diverse Suppliers (914KB)
Jerry Miller, CPSM, CPSD
Michael Perry, CPSM

DK — P2P Re-Imagined: No User Pain, but Real Compliance Gains — A Case Study (1,800KB)
Scott Fitzgerald
Richard Waugh

DL — Supply Chain Cyber Risk Management: "Are Cybersecurity Risks Lurking in Your Supply Chain?" (1,159KB)
Survey (48KB)
Timothy Hall

EA — Winner of Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply (2,124KB)
Jeff Plauny
Jeffrey Schneider

EB — The Case for Auditability in Supply Management Organizations (845KB)
Dr. Juanita Rendon, CPA
Dr. Rene Rendon, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.

EC — Leading Practices in Managing Commodity Risks (At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Robert Hanshaw

ED — What are the Big Data, Analytics Applications? (1,304KB)
Nada Sanders, Ph.D.

EE — Building a Strategic Sourcing House (2,544KB)
Bill Mangen, MBA, CPA

EF — The Lion and the Mouse: Thriving as a Small-Business (964KB)
Craig Reed, CPSM
Christie Sturges
Gary Stoddard

EG — Supplier Management: An Enterprise Capability, A Procurement Opportunity (1,202KB)
Mark Fortney
Chris Sawchuk

EH — University Partnerships — Get More Than You Give (1,077KB)
Eugene Spiegle, Ph.D.
Honey Zimmerman, CPSM, C.P.M., MBA
Lisa Smith
Lara Nichols
Simon Croom, CPSM, Ph.D.

EI — Business Acumen: 5 Tools to Keep in Your "BA Tool Box" (988KB)
Joe Black

EJ — Sourcing Refrigerated Transport for a Time-Critical Network (1,528KB)
Steve Lohman

SEG — Supplier Segmentation (2,608KB)
William Michels, CPSM, C.P.M., MCIPS

FA — Risk Management of Your Traveling Assets (1,454KB)
Bruce McIndoe

FB — Emerging Global Supply Strategies (1,283KB)
Robert Monczka, Ph.D., CPSM

FC — Innovation Panel (807KB)
Jill Bossi, C.P.M.
Joel Greenberg
Tom Maher
Eileen McCulloch
Milton Young

FD — Workforce Development-Building Your Supply Chain's Skills for Growth (563KB)
Part 2 (609KB)
Ray Bacon, Ph.D.
Earl McDowell

FE — Measure Value of Supply Management (No Presentation Used)
Jim Barnes
Joe Black
Tom Derry
Joseph Raudabaugh

FF — World-Class Negotiations Management: Best Practices, Tools, and Future Developments (6,079KB)
Robert Rudzki

FG — Supplier Diversity from the CPO Perspective (No Presentation Used)
Eliseo Rojas
Sheila Tierney
Shelley Stewart, CPSM

FH — Resistance and Recovery — the Keys to Effective Resilience (1,670KB)
Rose Kelly-Falls, MSM, CPSM
Steven Melnyk, Ph.D.
Terry Volpel, CPSM, C.P.M., SCMP

FI — Ethics, Measurement and Supply Chain. Global Case Study: Jones Lang LaSalle and Ethisphere Institute (14,242KB)
Mark Ohringer
Timothy Erblich

FJ — Procurement 20/20: Supply Entrepreneurship in a Changing World (2,995KB)
Jeff Shulman
Milan Prilepok

FK — Procurement and Operations Alignment to Maximize Profit in the Oil & Gas Industry (680KB)
Kay Bello, MBA

FL — What You Don't Know About Your Suppliers Can Hurt You (1,168KB)
Karen M. Fedele, CPSM, C.P.M., MCIPS
David Van Valkenburgh, C.P.M., CFPIM, CSCM

WEDNESDAY, May 7, 2014

AMWK — State of the American Workplace (1,102KB)
Charlie Colon, MBA

CON2 — Contracting: Resources and Applications (2,801KB)
*If you would like to obtain the handouts used in this class, send a message to tmatthews@ism.ws
Mark Grieco, MBA, J.D.

GA — Winner of Institute for Supply Management® — Michigan State University Awards for Excellence in Supply
Eric Jaeckle

GB — Travel 101
Ross Atkinson

GC — From Six Sigma to 10-K: How Supply Management Impacts Your Organization's Financials (407KB)
Andrew Bartolini
Alex Brown
Craig Reed, CPSM

GD — Developing talent is harder than it appears — a focus on non-traditional skills (2,034KB)
Dr. Liz Alexander
Nicholas Little, CPSM, MCIPS

GE — Sourcing and Spend Analytics — Maximizing Impact, Influence and Effectiveness (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Francisco Montecinos

GF — Intuitive Leadership: 5 Traits My Bosses Gave Me (3,336KB)
G. Sean Williams

GG — The Indirect Transformation Journey (1,727KB)
Charen Buyce, C.P.M., PMP

GH — Preventing Supply Chain from Killing the Brand (3,644KB)
Survey (48KB)
Hannah Kain

GI — Cultural Intelligence: Effective Tools for the Global Workforce (1,919KB)
Valerie Berset-Price

GJ — Purchasing IT Hardware, Software, and Services (913KB)
Michael Zazaian

HA — So You Think You Can Be a CPO (453KB)
Eric Williams, MBA, C.P.M.


HC — Reporting Social and Environmental Performance: SCM's Make it Happen (1,236KB)
Robert Kuhn

HD — How to Negotiate with Anyone* and Win (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Alan Ovson

HE — Securing the Global Supply Chain — C-TPAT and other Security Initiatives (1,186KB)
Anand Raghavendran

HF — Supply Manager's Guide to Indemnity and Risk Management (951KB)
Leslie Marell, J.D.

HG — Implementing Sourcing Excellence to Achieve Global Product Leadership (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Greg Anderson
Blaine Hurley

HH — CheckMate: A Critique of Existing Tools for Advanced Purchasing & Supply (5,125KB)
Dr. Laura Birou, FIIAPS, FCIPS
Dr. Andrew Cox

HI — Global Ocean Freight Sourcing (2,181KB)
Tim Byrd

IA — It's a done deal... integration and sustaining value for growth through acquisition (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Kamran Izadi

IB — Taking Indirect Procurement to the Next Level (Note: At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Beatriz Loizillon, CPSM, C.P.M.

IC — Sustainable Procurement from the CPO Perspective (727KB)
Mike Fath
Nancy Gillis
Nichol Luoma, PMP, MBA
Greg Modlinski, CPSM, CPSD, C.P.M.
Pat Sunderlin

ID — Break the SCM bandwidth and Budget Constraints and Drive Innovation (1,067KB)
Roy Anderson
Mark Bliese

IE — Influencing Change — The Solution to Procurement's Change Challenges (1,668KB)
Barbara Ardell
Al Switzler

IF — Continuous Negotiation Preparation (820KB)
Philip Lockhart, C.P.M.

IG — Human Trafficking in Supply Chains (8,362KB)
Rachelle Jackson

IH — Bringing out the Best in your Suppliers with your Next Logistics Services Procurement Event (2,478KB)
Akash Patel
Chris Pickett

II — Forecasting Intermittent Demand: Addressing a Procurement Nemesis (980KB)
Gregory Hartunian
Thomas Willemain, Ph.D.

IJ — Sophisticated simplicity: Diageo NA's Journey to Flexibility, Agility and Efficiency in Supply (At presenter's request, their presentation is not available)
Paul Gallagher

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Derick Smalling, May 15, 2014

If they will not allow their presentations to be published, ISM should not have them as speakers.
Alan Yarusso, May 13, 2014

Many missing presentations containing important information. We were told that we did not have to take notes since they would be available. Will they?
James Hsu, May 11, 2014

Way too many presentation files are not available. What does that mean?
Jeffrey Peterson, May 05, 2014

Where are the presentations? We were told these would be here prior to the conference starting??
Tim Shiple, May 02, 2014

WHERE IS THE INFO? Website is poorly constructed and information is consistently missing