Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (A.P.P.) Program FAQs

Common Accreditation Forms

  1. A.P.P. Reaccreditation and Lifetime Reaccreditation Application (683 KB)
  2. Exam Score Request (12 KB)
  3. Work Experience Documentation (22 KB)
  4. Conference Documentation Forms
  5. Continuing Education Documentation

Why is ISM no longer issuing new A.P.P. designations?

An extensive study of ISM's credentialing programs was conducted in association with Knapp & Associates International, Inc. and one of the major findings of the study was a diminishing interest in the A.P.P. designation within the supply management community. This diminishing interest manifested itself in declining numbers overall and decreasing support by employers. This trend also prevented the program from remaining financially feasible. The ISM Board of Directors supported the decision to cease issuing new A.P.P.s. In 2005, ISM began to reallocate credentialing resources to activities of greater interest and benefit to supply management professionals.

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Can I still use my A.P.P. designation?

Yes, as long as you continue to reaccredit and are in good standing. ISM has no plans to discontinue reaccreditation. However, after February 28, 2007, if A.P.P.s lapse beyond their grace period they will not be able to reinstate their A.P.P..

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How long is my A.P.P. designation good?

Five years. Unless you have earned a Lifetime A.P.P., by documenting 18 applicable years of experience — in which case, you would never need to reaccredit.

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How do I reaccredit my A.P.P.?

Please see the A.P.P. reaccredidation FAQs.

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How do I verify an A.P.P.'s status?

Individuals wishing to confirm an A.P.P.s accreditation status can verify through ISM Credentials Verification. Please remember there may be instances where a candidate’s information may not be up-to-date due to the time factor in processing applications and reaccreditations. If you have questions about posted results, please contact the Professional Credentials Department at

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Where can I find more information?

You can e-mail or call 480/752-6276, ext. 3074.

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