CPSM "Dare to Lead" Video Promotion Transcript

Kathleen Mascarenas: Welcome to the Institute for Supply Management — the first and most respected association for supply management professionals in the world.

ISM's mission is to lead supply management. Through its standards of excellence, research and education, ISM works to expand professional knowledge and capabilities. ISM's membership base includes more than 40,000 supply management professionals with a network of domestic and international affiliated associations.

Vint Ferguson: If you ask just about anybody, ISM is the standard. ISM is the organization to belong to. This is where it happens, and if they're not involved, they need to get involved.

Linda Michels: With supply management, we're involved with more than just the actual buying of goods or services. We get into supply chain issues, risk management, logistics, forecasting. All of these things that are important are recognized through the new certification and the new title

Kathleen Mascarenas: ISM now introduces the Certified Professional in Supply Management qualification as the next leap forward in supply management. The CPSM represents the highest degree of professional competencies, containing the most comprehensive body of knowledge in the profession.

Peter O'Reilly: It tells people like me who are C.P.O.s — it tells my staff that I care enough about my profession that I want to take it to the next level. Education is important. The designation is a sign that I'm serious enough to find the time away from my family, my job to study for this and take this. So I think, as a leader, you have to lead by example.

Gerry Bundle: There's been demand for a long time now for some higher-level certification, like a Master's degree, so to speak in supply management. And we're also taking the opportunity to diversify into other areas, so it's not so much purchasing focused. And, so a higher-level, more well-rounded professional, something additional for those of us who have the C.P.M. to reach for.

Kathleen Mascarenas: With increased globalization and international competition, supply professionals have more responsibility and accountability than ever before. Because of this, expertise in multiple disciplines within the profession has become critical for most strategic supply operations.

The CPSM supports new standards in supply management. With an emphasis on all the major components of the profession, managers who earn the CPSM qualification prove they have the skills to make better decisions and implement innovative and effective supply strategies. The level of expertise represented by the CPSM is where YOU want YOUR career to be.

Jami Coop: Once the CPSM certification testing comes out I'll be taking that right away.

Beth Arvidson: It's something that puts you a cut above. It shows that you take your profession seriously. You're just not in it — if you go after these titles to show that you are certified in it — CPSM is the next level. Absolutely, that's what I want to go for.

Maureen Donnelly: You need to be recognized in your profession as someone who understands supply management, as someone who is capable, qualified and has the skill sets to do those jobs in corporate America.

Kathleen Mascarenas: Dare to Lead — and upgrade your strategic capabilities with the Certified Professional in Supply Management qualification.

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