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Default Cold Rolled Steel

I am looking for information on the current U.S. Market price for cold rolled steel coil (SPCC). I have searched everywhere, and could not find this ifnormation. Can anyone please help?


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american metal market &
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Default cold rolled

Yes is a great place to get information - but you also need a subscription.
The prices you will find is the "estimated" mill base price (currently $34 for Cold Rolled).
If you are a large buyer you may be able to get a better price from one of the Mills.
If you are a smaller buyer and buy from Service Centers then price would be $34 + freight to service center ($2) plus holding cost and their profit ($4).
If it is slit or levelled material add $1.50 or $2.00 as well.

Of course prices are going up, so your best bet may be to find a service center that bought heavy earlier in the year and thus has relatively cheaper material sitting on their floor. So getting a few competitive bids is always a good idea.
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