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Default CPSD Exam

I recently finished the CPSD Exam about an hour ago. I did not think it was as tough as the CPSM Exams, and actually thought coming out of the test that I would have a near perfect score. While not near perfect I did pass. I didn't realize that I missed certain questions and thought the exam was a bit tricky.

Questions you may ask me:

How long did it take you to prepare for the test?

-I studied for one month. I would say maybe around 10 hours a week?

What materials did you use for the test?

-I first got the online review course thinking it would help me. I do not suggest it as it is difficult to focus on the screen and frankly when studying for tests I'd rather have a book in front of me that I can relocate to different areas like the workplace, home, etc rather than accessing a computer. The only helpful thing about the online review course is that they have 20 practice questions at the end that are Different than the other workbook I will talk about shortly.

-THE MOST HELPFUL review course/material in my opinion is the CPSD Exam Review Self-Study Workbook. It has a red cover. This book was my primary source of knowledge. It's the same content as the online review course but in BOOK format. The practice questions are different.


-I was a bit surprised as to how the exam was structured and how the questions were worded. There were hardly any recall questions compared to the CPSM Exams. It was mostly scenario type questions.


-Thought the test was easier than the CPSM while taking it. However the test results weren't as high as I had wanted them to be. So don't let it FOOL YOU!
-The scoring is different than the CPSM exam. Passing Score for the CPSM exam is 400. CPSD passing score is 300.


-Take the exam in the same center that you took your CPSM exam so you will be more comfortable.
-Do not drink too much caffeine as it will cause anxiety. I had a little in the morning.
-Try to schedule your exam at a comfortable time for you.
-Arrive early to your scheduled testing center.
-Study hard! CPSM exam scores are valid for four years.
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