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Old 10-29-2009, 02:14 AM
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Angry Diversity Workshops

I just read the announcement of an upcoming Black Executive Supply Management Summit, a Hispanic Supply Management Summit and a Women Executive Supply Management Summit.

What happened to the Old White Guy Supply Management Summit? Of course I am being facetious! What happened to the Civil rights Act? I thought we were all supposed to be equal. If I belonged to one of these groups, I would be offended that someone thinks I need to be singled out for special training and that I could communicate and network better with members of my special group. I can think of at least a couple people who fit into these groups that I frequently call for advice. Are they now supposed to avoid me? Am I now going to be deprived of their advice and friendship?

Yeah I know I have made more from this than was intended, but it just seems strange that in today’s world we are migrating backward with these separatist type movements. Maybe we need a special group for blondes; most of us could identify and find some value there (ok I am being facetious again).
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