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I became unemployed in 2008, I have looked high and low and up to now I have not been able to secure anything, even an administrative assistant's role.

With a degree in business administration, 2 years in the US as a buyer with a prestigious University, 4 years in Kosovo as a buyer with the United Nations, 10 years as a Buyer in my native Kenya, my last Interview was with a major player in the power sector , in which I discovered I was one of ten applicants.
I have been surviving by doing temporary jobs as a Nurse Aide in nursing homes and as a Home Health Aide.
I have a diploma from C.I.P.S , I recently managed to get enough money to buy the subscription from ISM but I am unable to raise money for the CPSM. I will do anything , if there is anyone out there looking for someone who is ready,willing and available to give it their all , PLEASE , PLEASE contact me.
My Phone number is 856-470-8411, my email address is , I live in South Jersey and will relocate to any place on earth to find a job.
Please Help!
Leverage LinkedIn and search connections/people in N Dakota (in supply chain), make the connection by asking (briefly) for advice how a buyer might get managers attn. When you get a job description make it easy for the hiring manager and HR by doing a juxtaposed/table list of their need and how you fill it (and attach a resume, of course). There are jobs for buyers to support the Bakken play and Three Forks play in the energy sector of the Dakotas. ...consider getting a USA email, the UK email may throw people off.

Also- consider using YouTube to review/sharpen Excel skills, esp Pivot Tables. Read sites like to refresh you thinking. You might also look to become familiar with SharePoint sites (via YouTube of other instructional sites) as companies want this skill more often (not hard to get familiar with). ERP systems is the next one but more difficult to learn off the job (SAP or JD Edwards/Oracle)
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