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Default Unemployed -Desperate

Dear All,

I became unemployed in 2008, I have looked high and low and up to now I have not been able to secure anything, even an administrative assistant's role.

With a degree in business administration, 2 years in the US as a buyer with a prestigious University, 4 years in Kosovo as a buyer with the United Nations, 10 years as a Buyer in my native Kenya, my last Interview was with a major player in the power sector , in which I discovered I was one of ten applicants.
I have been surviving by doing temporary jobs as a Nurse Aide in nursing homes and as a Home Health Aide.
I have a diploma from C.I.P.S , I recently managed to get enough money to buy the subscription from ISM but I am unable to raise money for the CPSM. I will do anything , if there is anyone out there looking for someone who is ready,willing and available to give it their all , PLEASE , PLEASE contact me.
My Phone number is 856-470-8411, my email address is , I live in South Jersey and will relocate to any place on earth to find a job.
Please Help!
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