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Question Advice/feedback for entering SCM appreciated...

Any input/recommendations would be much appreciated. I have done 20 years in the military where Logistics was not my primary role, but due to the nature of the military I do have some experience with a variety of logistics and logistics related activities from cargo and equipment prep, processing, documentation, some financial and contract management, etc. Since my military retirement, I have managed at a big box retailer and currently own and run a small business that I am going to transition out of and prepare for a career change and enter the field of Supply Chain Management.

I have a bachelorís in Management, an MBA, and currently working on a Masters in SCM. Outside of my military experience, I do not have much experience in SCM within the private sector.

I would appreciate any advice on where might be a good starting point to enter SCM for someone like myself who has some military related experience and some higher level education, but lacks any real private sector experience. From just looking around, it seems that most positions require 5-years specific experience, etc. Are there specific job types, or positions where I would be better off legitimately competing for a job and possibly be seriously looked at as a candidate without much experience? I am just trying to figure out what might be the best way to get my foot in the door, gain some experience, and get started in a career in SCM.

Also, might it be worth-while job hunting prior to completing my SCM degree (even if it is part time), or would I better off waiting for completion of the SCM degree?

Again, any advice is greatly welcomed and appreciated.

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