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Red face Is it illegal to share current pricing w/vendor?

I got into a debate with a work peer recently regarding this topic and wanted to know if there are any legalities that play into this topic. I know that this would be highly unethical; though I am curious if it is considered illegal for the following to occur:

Let's say Martha wants to move all her current business away from Jimbo's company and onto Ella's company. Is it illegal for Martha to take Jimbo's negotiated price sheet (negotiated and custom to Martha's business; considered confidential and not something shared with the public) and give it to Ella's Company and tell Ella's Company to match it or "do better" so that she can move the business over to Ella's Company?

I know this is highly unethical, and I would never engage is such behavior. Is it considered illegal. If yes, what laws does it violate?

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