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Default Ethical values in Supply Chain

As a supply chain specialist I believe that each of us can do our due diligence and encourage strong ethical values in the supply chain. This includes intensive research of the originations of the source. Some of the questions that can be asked are many such as: Where did it come from? How did it get here? What types of production methods were used? Are there ethical concerns that need to be addressed or questioned further?

One issue that has made me concerned is the use of gestation crates in the production of pork. Gestation crates are crates used to house pregnant pigs used for breeding. They often are crammed into the crates and then are immobilized for months even years. It is unethical and not a value that I myself believe in.

For pork buyers or food buyers one must ask yourself not only of the origination of the supply, but were ethical values used? Is it proper to house pigs in gestation crates to become immobile only for the production of pork? What better ways can we change the way we procure goods and services? By refusing to conduct business with unethical suppliers and choosing a better alternative? By suggesting a better method of housing mother pigs besides gestation crates for example?

Some of the ways I believe we can change the way we procure goods and services is by intensively researching the sources of supply. Begin by asking the vendor example questions such as: where the raw goods and materials originated from, what type of labor was used, what are the working conditions of the laborers, what type of housing cages are used for the mother pigs, are there any cases of workplace safety issues, etc.

By being proactive, I believe each of us can become a more well rounded and informed supply chain specialist. It is of my opinion that we can make a change in supply chain with each presented offer or decision. Let's choose to make the right one out of respect for every element and step in the entire supply chain life cycle.
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