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Hi Sunil:

You can purchase a diagnostic kit full of questions and answers. It is only a diagnostic and helps you gauge what area you are weak in, and strong in.

How to Study for the CPSM®, CSM™ and Bridge Exams
CPSM® and CSM™ Diagnostic Kit, Web and Print Versions

The CPSM® and CSM™ Diagnostic Kit, web and print version, helps you focus your study efforts by identifying any areas of supply management that need strengthening. You get a sample test for each of the three CPSM® Exam(s) or CSM™ Exam(s) with a grading scale and correct answers, including justification and references. Use with the CPSM® and CSM™ Study Guide.

Print version, Exam 1, 2 & 3: USD $89 members/USD $119 nonmembers
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