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what type of commodities does propurchaser and IHS Global track?
Propurchaser and IHS Global are paid website. If you want a free website information tools which will enable you to :
1/ source 50 x quicker "any product or raw material" exported to or imported from any country in the world to any country in Europe (and within soon other countries too).
2/ Bench your prices not with indexes but with the "YQ price" (price tool based on absolute price bench instead of price indexes)
3/ Calculate supplier's gross margin
4/ find people to subcontract your procurement in other geographical areas that have the right expertise

You can join the webiste of:

For the time being this is a beta version, so you will still encounter some bugs here and there, but within soon, it will be fully operational. You can call it somehow the Wikipedia of the procurement professional.

To keep yourself informed about the developments, you can join the group:
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