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Lightbulb Innovative Job Title?

I have been challenged to come up with a job title for myself. Although I'd like to think I'll work here until retirement I want to be realistic and get a title approved that will effectively communicate to others in the industry....should I have to seek employment elsewhere. I'd also like the title to communicate to suppliers that I am in a position regarded as integral for negotiating deals.

I am fairly well seasoned having been in the biz of buying for 30 years...and I've been called many things (don't snicker!)....manager, director, buyer, specialist, analyst, etc...

What I do in particular here is work very closely and actively with project teams that are developing new concepts/products for other companies. We are a think tank, no repetitive buys, most are one-time and a lot of the items are in beta or have been obsolete for fifty years including sourcing/buying highly restricted items.

The engineers I work with want me to have technical title, however I report up through the finance group....I am a hybrid model! My scope of responsibility encompasses directing the work of two other buyers in the department, handling all contract administration, sourcing some really REALLY unusual stuff and just making things come together to support impossible project deadlines. I report to the CFO.

All suggestions welcome!
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