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Hi Kelly,

Well, this kind of software should allow you to customize your RFQs.
It means, for example:

- Set-up items categories in the event, for example : one category for "Plain film" and one for "Printed film" if you negotiate Packaging items)

- Pick the suppliers you want to invite from a data base : if their supplier portal is fully open, you may receive too many offers and it may become counter-productive. You have to be able to shortlist the suppliers to invite before you publish your event

- Set-up your own decision criteria : what characteristics, other than price, are you going to evaluate the bids on (it can be delivery options, it can be the quality level of the items, the thickness of a plastic, compliance with certification required by your company, etc...)

Other functionalities can be reverse auction (not recommended in a lot of situations, but you may be in one of the few situations where it can apply), email notifications for each offer received (convenient not to have to go online every hour to check the offers inbox)...

Let me know if this is helpful and if you need more information on any specific point.
I'd be happy to help you and suggest alternatives for you.

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